Chargeable Soap Dispenser

Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
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    • Hygienic and economic dosage
    • Water- and drip-proof
    • Charge with USB

    Chargeable and hygienic soap dispenser that portion out soap without having to touch it. The soap dispenser is waterproof, drip-proof and can easily be charged with a USB.

    The soap dispenser sits perfectly in your bathroom at home or work. Hold your hand under the sensor and the dispenser will give you a perfect dose of soap without having to touch it. This makes it hygienic to place in rooms where lots of people visit, like bathrooms and kitchens.

    The dispenser sensor is located under the nozzle and can feel how close the hand is. Hold the hand far from the sensor to get a larger dose of soap or closer for a smaller dosage.

    It is easy to refill the soap through the cone-shaped opening, and through the transparent base, you can easily see if you're running out of soap. This dispenser can store any kind of liquid soap as long as it doesn't contain grain or scrubbing particles.

    The patented silicone valve is very precise and prevents soap from dripping. The soap dispenser's unique pumping mechanism also prevents the soap from drying out inside the dispenser between usage.

    The special design and waterproof charging output make the whole dispenser safe to rinse off under the tap. When the battery runs out you easily charge the dispenser in your computer or from an electric outlet with a USB-adapter (bought separately). The battery is fully charged after about 3-4 hours, and one full charge lasts for about 3 months when used daily.

    Height: 17 cm
    Diameter: 7 cm
    Width: 11 cm
    Waterproof rating: Waterproof IP67
    Battery: Chargeable lithium battery l
    Battery time: about 3 months when used daily
    Warranty: 2 years
  • Article nr: 12863
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: about 3 months of daily use. Charged in 3-4 hours
    Diameter: 7 cm
    Height: 17.2 cm
    Length: USB cable 110cm
    Other: 2-year warranty , Waterproof rating: IP67
    Volume: 26.6 ml
    Width: 11.2 cm

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Chargeable Soap Dispenser Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
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