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Ciggrid Cigarette Butt Bag

Portable ashtray for 3-4 cigarette butts, multi-pack
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    • One cigarette butt bag holds 3-4 cigarette butts
    • Easy to take with you on the go
    • Available in a 20-pack and 100-pack

    The cigarette bag Ciggrid is a small portable ashtray for your cigarette butts that is practical to have with you when there's no bin nearby. With the cigarette butt bag, the cigarette butt doesn't have to end up on the ground, but you can instead put out the cigarette in the Ciggrid bag and then carry the cigarette butts with you in your pocket until you find a bin you throw them in.

    Ciggrid is lightweight, thin and each bag bag holds about 3-4 cigarette butts. The cigarette butt bag is opened and closed by simply twisting the top a couple of times. The memory material keeps the twisted bag closed and the lack of oxygen inside the pinch bag quickly extinguishes the cigarette. This both reduces the smell and allows you to safely take the cigarette butts with you in your pocket or bag until you have the opportunity to throw them away properly.

    Store some Ciggrid bags under the plastic film on your cigarette pack and you always have a small portable ashtray available to put your cigarette in. When the cigarette bag is full, throw it in the bin along with the cigarette butts. Ciggrid is sorted as ordinary household waste.

    The cigarette butt bag is made of fireproof materials and is fire tested at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) in Borås. You therefore do not risk burning yourself when you put out your cigarette and Ciggrid is fireproof for both the bin and clothes.

    Critically acclaimed packaging
    Ciggrid is design protected and manufactured in Sweden. In the autumn of 2022, attention was paid to smart packaging when Ciggrid was one of the nominees in the packaging competition Packnorth Award in the category: "Inclusive and/or sustainable design".

    The Ciggrid cigarette butt bag is available in a 20-pack and in a 100-pack. A 20-pack is enough for about 60 to 80 cigarette butts, a 100-pack is enough for about 300 to 400 cigarette butts.

    Material: Plastic and aluminum.
    Country of manufacture: Sweden
    Weight: about 1 gram
    Dimensions: 10 cm x 3 cm
    Holds about 3-4 cigarette butts.
  • Article nr: 13774
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: 10 cm
    Material: Plastic and aluminium
    Volume: Room for 3 to 4 cigarette butts
    Width: 3 cm
    Weight: 0.001 kg

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Portable ashtray for 3-4 cigarette butts, multi-pack
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