Dryer balls for tumblers

Shorten drying times and reduce creases in the wash
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    • Soften laundry and reduce creases
    • Reduce drying times
    • Save electricity and the environment

    Dryer balls are an effective and environmentally smart trick to dry your clothes more quickly in the tumble dryer. When the dryer is finished, the clothes are soft, dry and uncreased - completely without chemicals or softener.

    Put the dryer balls in the tumble dryer and use your normal drying program. The dryer balls separate the garments and increase air circulation between them. This makes your clothes dry more quickly and reduces the number of folds and creases. Your clothes will come out much softer and drier in a shorter time, which saves both electricity and the environment.

    The dryer balls are made of natural wool and are delivered as a 3-pack.

  • Article nr: 10564-GO
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: ca 7.5cm
    Material: Wool
    Other: Note! The wool smell of the dryer balls does not transfer to the clothes
    Quantity per pack: 3 dryer balls

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Dryer balls for tumblers Dryer balls for tumblers
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