Cleaning kit for AirPods

Clean your AirPods and charging case
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    • Complete cleaning kit
    • Cleans and disinfects
    • For AirPods, AirPods Pro and charging cases

    The AirPods cleaning kit is a handy and flexible set of tools that clean and disinfects your AirPods and AirPods Pro. The cleaning kit consists of several different brushes, cleaning buds, wet wipes and cloths that remove dirt, dust and wax from both AirPods and their cases.

    By regularly cleaning your AirPods, you keep them fresh for when you put them in your ears. You can also extend your AirPods' durability by making sure that dirt doesn't end up inside the headphones and that the case doesn't get scratched by particles of dirt inside the case.

    The cleaning kit contains
    1 regular brush (reusable)
    3 fine brushes (disposable)
    5 precision cleaning buds (disposable)
    6 antibacterial cleaning buds (disposable)
    6 packs of antibacterial dry and wet wipes (disposable)
    10 sticky pads (disposable)
    2 microfibre cloths (reusable)

    NOTE! Avoid getting liquid in any of the openings. Be careful when cleaning around your AirPods Pro's silicone earbuds.

    The included instruction booklet is in English.
    Compatible with generations one and two of AirPods and AirPods Pro

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    Manual: Instructions in English
  • How to clean AirPods?

    1. Remove your AirPods from the charging case.
    2. Use a precision cleaning bud to gently remove wax from the little speaker grill.
    3. Use a sticky pad and press gently against the speaker grill to pick up any more wax.
    4. Use a fine brush and gently brush off any remaining wax.
    5. Use an antibacterial cleaning bud to clean and disinfect your AirPods.
    6. Polish your AirPods with a microfibre cloth.

    How to clean my AirPod charging case?

    1. Take your AirPods out of the case.
    2. Use the brush to clean your case of dust and dirt.
    3. Use precision cleaning buds to gently remove dirt that's stuck.
    4. Disinfect the inside of the case with the antibacterial cleaning bud.
    5. Use wet and dry wipes to clean the outside of the case.
    6. Polish your AirPods and charging case with a microfibre cloth.

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