Cyber clean Cleaning putty

Slime-like mass that removes dust & dirt
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White extra strong 160 grams
White extra strong 160 grams Yellow original 160 grams Yellow original 80 grams
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    • Absorbs dust, dirt & hair
    • Cleans in hard-to-reach places
    • Choose between Original (yellow) and Extra Strong (white)

    Cyber Clean is a patented cleaning compound that reaches where other cleaners can't. The reusable slime absorbs dust and dirt and can be used on all surfaces and objects with hard-to-reach cavities and crevices. The slime-like paste leaves no residue and does not emit moisture. This makes Cyber Clean particularly suitable for cleaning electronics and other sensitive surfaces.

    With the slimy cleaning compound you can easily remove dirt from everyday objects. Cyber Clean is great for cleaning keyboards, computer mice, mobile phones, car interiors, game controllers, radiators, vents and more.

    The dirt is absorbed into the mucus, removing breeding grounds for bacteria. Cyber Clean is also available in an extra strong version (white) which is disinfectant and kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact.

    How to use Cyber Clean

    Knead the putty thoroughly for about 10 seconds before use with dry and clean hands. Press the cleaning mass firmly against the object you are cleaning and allow the slime to enter all cavities. Remove the mass and fold it to seal in the dirt.

    All you have to do is press the cleaning mass against the object and pull it off. You can repeat if necessary but should not rub the slime against the surface.

    Storage of Cyber Clean

    Put Cyber Clean back in the airtight jar after use and store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. You should replace your Cyber Clean when it changes colour and matches the colour sample on the jar lid. Do not use a dirty Cyber Clean on electronic equipment.

    Patented in the US and EU

    The Swiss cleaning compound Cyber Clean was introduced to the market already in 2007 and consists mainly of natural ingredients, such as water, ethanol and guar gum. Cyber Clean is patented in the US and the EU and its effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by accredited international laboratories.

    Cyber Clean is available in two different models

    Cyber Clean Yellow original: absorbs the dirt and encapsulates it in the cleaning mass.
    Cyber Clean White extra strong: disinfectant. Kills bacteria on contact and absorbs dirt and encapsulates it in the cleaning mass.

    Cyber Clean Yellow original 80 grams/160 grams

    Function: absorbs deep-seated dirt.
    Active ingredient: ethanol 150g/kg
    Scent: Perfumed

    Cyber Clean White extra strong 160 grams

    Function: absorbs deep-seated dirt and eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Tested and approved according to DGHM-2002 against bacteria and fungi and EN 14476 against hay fever viruses.
    Active ingredients: ethanol 300g/kg, Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (Benzalkonium chloride): 4.5g/kg, Didecyldimethylammonium chloride: 4.5g/kg.
    Fragrance: perfumed

    Cyber Clean use and security
    Read the label and product information before use. Not to be used by children. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Product should not be swallowed. Use biocides with care.

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