Innovator: Dag Nordström
Dag Nordström

Windfree Noise-dampening ear protectors

Filters out disruptive wind noise
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    • Shuts out the noise from the wind
    • Hear traffic more clearly
    • Made in Sweden

    Windfree noise-dampening ear protectors that filters out disruptive wind noise when cycling over 15 km/h. You can hear the traffic and your fellow commuters more clearly and will therefore have a better understanding of what's happening around you. Also works wonderfully when you are paddling, sailing, boating or for a windy day at the golf course.

    These ear protectors are made of foam with a cell-structure that removes the noise of the wind. They are also made with a layer of Outlast® for increased comfort, a material that is cold when it's warm and warm when it's cold. Outlast® was developed by NASA in order to level the temperature of astronauts in their work in space.

    Windfree works just as well when combined with earbuds.

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    Material: Plastic, foam, Outlast coating
  • Dag NordströmInnovator

    Cycling, riding, running, paddling, skating, sailing - we move faster than our ears can handle, and on windy days it's even more stressful. Tired of the roaring noise, Dag Nordström came up with Windfree, an innovation that reduces wind noise while allowing you to hear your surroundings clearly. Windfree is for anyone who wants to block out wind noise.

    If you go skiing, sailing, canoeing, cycling or spend time outdoors on a windy day, your brain will get tired. Therefore you need Windfree. 

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Dag Nordström Dag Nordström
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Filters out disruptive wind noise
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