Innovator: Celina Saffar
Innovatör Celina Saffar

Clever baby socks, Stuckies

Baby socks that stay put

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1-pack Pink 10-15
1-pack Pink 10-15 1-pack Blue 25-27 1-pack Blue 16-18 1-pack Blue 10-15 1-pack Grey 25-27 1-pack Grey 16-18 3-pack Blue 10-15 3-pack Blue 16-18 3-pack Blue 19-21 3-pack Blue 22-24 3-pack Blue 25-27 3-pack Grey 10-15 3-pack Grey 16-18 3-pack Grey 19-21 3-pack Grey 22-24 3-pack Grey 25-27 3-pack Pink 10-15 3-pack Pink 16-18 3-pack Pink 19-21 3-pack Pink 22-24 3-pack Pink 25-27
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    • Stay on your child's feet without pinching
    • No more looking for lost socks
    • For children aged 0-4 years

    Stuckies are clever baby socks that stay on your child's feet no matter how much they crawl or run about or however hard they try to kick them off! These Swedish-designed baby socks come in several different sizes and fit children aged 0-4 years.

    Once you start using Stuckies, you'll no longer have to keep looking for for lost socks. The socks are soft and comfortable and have double elastic bands to make sure they stay on the feet without pinching. They also have small dots of 100% silicone on the inside of the leg that stop the socks from slipping off.

    The socks come in three sizes and all three sizes have the same design on the inside. The two larger models also have a non-slip silicone pattern under the sole of the foot. This gives children that have already learnt to stand or walk a good grip.

    The socks are made of 90% cotton, 8% polyamide and 2% elastane. The non-slip patterns on the inside and the sole of the socks are made of 100% OEKO-TEX® certified silicone*. The socks should preferably be machine-washed in a wash bag at 40 degrees and hung up to dry.

    Stuckies baby socks were created by the Swedish designer Celina Saffar and are manufactured in carefully chosen factories in Turkey. Celina got the idea for the socks when she attended an exercise group for mothers and noticed how many baby socks there were spread around the room. She realised that it was not only her baby that kept losing socks. Already on the car ride home she started coming up with a solution, and one year later we have Stuckies!

    10-15/0-6 months, Without non-slip soles
    16-18/6-12 months, Non-slip soles
    19-21/1-2 years, Non-slip soles
    22-24/2-3 years, Non-slip soles
    25-27/3-4 years, Non-slip soles

    *STANDARD 100 according to the OEKO-TEX® certification means that the final product does not contain any harmful substances that may cause allergic reactions or health problems.

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    Material: Cotton, polyamide, elastane and 100% OEKO-TEX certified silicone

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