Innovator: Sofie Otto
Sofie Otto

Floor chair Floorfred

Sit comfortably on the floor with the kids
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    • Makes it comfortable to sit and play on the floor
    • Comfortable seat with ergonomic backrest
    • Perfect for parents of young children & educators
    FloorFred is a Swedish designed floor chair without legs that makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor. The floor chair has a nice and comfortable seat with an ergonomically designed backrest that provides support and relieves the back, neck and lumbar spine. With FloorFred you get a good chair for your back that allows you to play, read, breastfeed and spend longer moments on the floor with your children.

    Floor chair that brings you closer to your child

    If you have small children, you are probably aware that a large part of their time is spent on the floor. With FloorFred, you don't have to lean against a wall or sofa, but can comfortably sit with your child on the floor where the play happens. The floor chair makes it easier to be on the floor during all stages of your child's development. You sit comfortably on the floor from the time your child starts neck training, rolling around, sitting and finally crawling and learning to walk. All in all, the floor chair therefore makes you more present, which helps to strengthen the bond you have with your child. 

    Comfortable chair for playful activities on the floor

    The FloorFred floor chair is very comfortable to sit in while playing, breastfeeding, reading or babysitting. When your child is a little older, you can spend hours playing with blocks, lego and duplo or play games, do puzzles and build a car track on the floor. When your child is asleep, you can use FloorFred as a yoga or meditation chair for relaxation and much-needed alone time.

    Comfortable and ergonomic chair

    The floor chair is an excellent ergonomic tool for parents and carers who spend many hours on the floor every day. The chair's soft and resilient cushion makes sitting on the floor comfortable and the fixed backrest is positioned for optimal ergonomic posture. By sitting in an upright, relaxed and slightly reclined position, your back is relieved and you avoid unnecessary back pain.

    Swedish design furniture

    The FloorFred floor chair is designed by Sofie Otto. With two small children and many hours of sitting and breastfeeding on the floor, Sofie's lower back in particular was getting tired and sore. The idea for FloorFred was born when Sofie wanted to stay close to her children on the floor, but without compromising too much on the well-being of her back.

    So, together with an ergonomist and a textile designer, Sofie developed the FloorFred floor chair. With the floor chair, sitting on the floor is no longer uncomfortable and, as Sofie herself puts it, it is a "Lifehack chair for parents with young children”.

    Materials of the highest quality

    FloorFred is a piece of furniture designed with carefully selected materials of the highest quality. The cushion of FloorFred is made of recycled wool, which is easy-care, water-repellent and durable. Perfect when you have small children. By pulling apart the steel frame, you can fold the floor chair, making it easier to store and transport.

    Care instructions

    The easiest way to remove light dirt is to vacuum the chair. The cushion and backrest can also be removed and washed in the wool programme or in the delicate wash programme at 30°C. Keep in mind that wool shrinks about 5% after the first wash. Therefore, thread the cushion back onto the steel frame while the wool is still wet so that it regains its fit. 
    The pad should not be tumble dried.


    Material: Recycled wool, steel frame, foam rubber cushion 
    Height: 53 cm 
    Depth: 55 cm 
    Width: 38.5 cm 
    Seat: Width 38,5 cm x Depth 25 cm 
    Backrest: Width 38,5 cm x Height 50 cm 
    Folded weight: 53 cm x 38,5 cm x 6 cm (with the backrest still inside) 
    Weight: approx. 1600 grams 
    Country of manufacture: Sweden and Lithuania

  • Article nr: 14097
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    Depth: 55cm
    Height: 53cm
    Material: Recycled wool, steel frame, foam rubber cushion
    Width: 38,5cm
    Colour: Brown
    Weight: 1,6kg kg
  • Sofie Otto| SmartaSaker

    Innovator: Sofie Otto 

    Sofie Otto wants to inspire more people to get down to the floor. In the absence of other sustainable and minimalistic floor chairs, Sofie decided to create her own. She explains how design, comfort and sustainability were central to the innovation process.

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