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Easy Drink baby bottle

Swedish-patented baby bottle for travel & excursions
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    • Separate containers for powder and hot water
    • Turn the bottle and mix the drink
    • Perfect for travelling and excursions.

    The Easy Drink bottle is a Swedish-patented baby bottle that makes feeding time easier on walks, trips and excursions to the playground. Load the bottle at home with powder and water in the two separate containers. When baby gets hungry, twist the centre part of the bottle and quickly shake up a freshly mixed portion of formula or milk.

    With the Easy Drink bottle, you only need to take the bottle with you when you leave home. You don't have to take the powder container with you and you don't have to measure the portion on the go. The bottle keeps the powder and water separate until it's time to eat. This prevents the drink from fermenting in the bottle and also allows you to save the powder if it is not used.

    How to use the Easy Drink baby bottle

    To fill the bottle, unscrew and dispense the powder into the lower container. Fill the top container with warm water and screw the bottom part back on. When it's time to eat, turn the centre section and mix the powder with the water by shaking the bottle thoroughly.

    Tip! To keep your water warmer for longer, you can buy a thermal bag for your bottle. You can order here Thermal bag for baby bottle Easy Drink->

    Why not just mix the formula at home?

    If the formula is mixed directly with the hot water, there is a risk that the formula will start to ferment while the drink is stored in the bottle.

    Anti-colic teats in three different sizes

    The bottle holds 240ml and is suitable for babies from newborn to 6+ months. The teat of the bottle is designed to resemble a breast and is natural for the baby to drink from. The teat is also anti-colic, which means it draws out air and reduces the risk of the baby swallowing air that ends up in the stomach.

    The teats are available in three different sizes with different flows adapted to the child's age. Choose the size of the teat that comes with the bottle.

    0-3 months (0+ months)
    3-6 months (3+ months)
    6+ months (6+ months)

    You can buy new teats as your child gets older. You can order here Teats for the Easy Drink bottle->.

    Quality tested and safe materials

    Easy Drink baby bottles and nipples are made from quality tested and quality assured materials. They are free of BPA, BPS and phthalates and fulfil the requirements of the EN14350 standard. All baby bottles are tested and certified.

    Designed by parents of young children for parents of young children

    The Swedish company Easy Drink was founded to make everyday life easier for parents with young children. With their patented all-in-one baby bottle, you don't need to bring as much stuff around with you and can easily prepare the drink in the comfort of your own home.

    Care instructions

    All parts of the baby bottle can be separated and cleaned individually. The parts of the baby bottle are dishwasher safe and the nipple can be washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf. Disinfect the nipples before first use by boiling them for 5 minutes. Do not disinfect for longer than the recommended time. Replace the nipple if it has bite marks or cracks in it.

    Specifications Easy Drink Baby Bottle

    Height: 24 cm
    Diameter: 6.5 cm
    Volume: 240 ml
    Weight: 200 grams
    Material: Quality assured PP plastic, silicone
    The baby bottle meets the requirements of the EN14350 standard.

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    Diameter: 6.5 cm
    Height: 24 cm
    Material: PP-plastic, silicone
    Volume: 240 ml
    Weight: 0.2 kg

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