Collapsible plastic tub

30 litre tub for washing up, cleaning & laundry
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    • Large tub for dishes, laundry & cleaning
    • Collapses and stores flat
    • Capacity approx. 30 litres

    This collapsible plastic tub can be used as a laundry tub, a dish tub, a foot tub, a bath tub or a large plastic basket to collect things. The space-saving bin is collapsible in height and convenient to stow in houses, apartments, holiday homes and caravans.

    Dishwasher tub in plastic

    The plastic tray is completely waterproof and works great as a collapsible dishwasher tray to hand-wash dishes. Useful in holiday homes and on trips to the countryside and other places where there is no dishwasher.

    Laundry tub with handle

    The plastic tub is great for use as a laundry tub for hand washing clothes. Add water, detergent and you can now wash clothes without a washing machine.

    You can also use it as a collapsible laundry basket or a handy basket to carry wet laundry and sheets when hanging them to dry.

    Plastic basket for home & garden

    The large tub is also handy for when you want to collect things around the home or garden. For example, you can use it as a cleaning basket for toys scattered around the home, or as a fruit basket in the garden for picking fallen fruit.

    Foot spa or bath for a baby

    With the plastic tub you can treat yourself to a little home spa and footbath at home. The versatile tub can also be used as a bath tub for small children (only under adult supervision).

    Easy to fold, easy to stow away

    The curved design and comfortable handles of the plastic tray make it easy to carry and it sits comfortably on your hip. The large tub holds about 30 litres and is 28 cm high when the sides are folded up. When the sides are folded down, the plastic tub is only 7.5 cm high and can be stowed away more easily in the cleaning cupboard, storeroom or under the sink.

    To fold, hold the handles and firmly press the sides down. You can gently lever yourself over the plastic tray to use your body weight. When folding up the tub, hold the sides and push out the bottom of the tub.

    The collapsible plastic tray is made of sturdy and durable PP plastic. The folding sides are made of flexible silicone.

    Weight: ca 1200 gram
    Length: 60,5 cm
    Weidth: 40 cm
    Height: 28 cm utfälld, 7,5 cm hopfälld
    Volume: ca 30 liter
    Bottom area: 40 cm x 22,5 cm
    Interior dimensions at the top: 48 cm x 32.5 cm.
    Height up to lowest point water can flow over the edge: 23 cm
    Material: PP plastic and silicone
    Colour: Black, grey
    5 year warranty

  • Article nr: 13912
    Stock availability: 1
    Height: 7,5 cm , 7,5 cm / 29 cm
    Length: 60 cm
    Material: PP Plastic and silicone
    Volume: 30 litre
    Width: 40 cm
    Colour: Black , Grey
    Weight: 1,2 kg

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Collapsible plastic tub Collapsible plastic tub
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