Collapsible Wagon

A spacious wagon that carries up to 75 kg
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    • Practical for transporting things
    • Collapses to save space
    • Carries up to 75 kg

    A wagon is the perfect assistant if you need to transport heavy objects. This collapsible wagon can carry up to 75 kg and it can also be folded up for easy storage.

    With this wagon you can easily bring home heavy shopping bags from the supermarket or large parcels from the post office. It can even help you transport heavy luggage to your weekend house, or you can fill it with picnic baskets, swimsuits and towels as you head to the beach.

    The wagon is 90 centimetres long, 51 centimetres wide and 57 centimetres wide when fully expanded. The handle helps provide enough power to pull a heavy load and the large wheels ensure that the wagon rolls smoothly on a variety of surfaces.

    Once you have unloaded the wagon, simply pull the line running down the middle of the wagon to collapse it. Once the wagon is collapsed, it is 51 centimetres wide, 74 centimetres high and a mere 20 centimetres deep, which means that it can easily be stored in a cupboard, storage room, or under a bed.

    Dimensions expanded: 90 cm x 51 cm x 57 cm
    Collapsed: 51 cm x 74 cm x 20 cm
    Made of steel and durable polyester.
    Weight: 10 kg
  • Article nr: 13167
    Stock availability: 111
    Height: 57 cm
    Length: 90 cm
    Material: Steel and polyester
    Other: Maximum load: 75 kg
    Width: 51 cm
    Weight: 10 kg

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