Innovator: Stefan Bjurhammar

Skis for your pram

Make your pram easy to handle in the snow
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2 skis
2 skis
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    • Push your pram in the snow.
    • Preserve your mood and muscles
    • Easy to attach

    Is there a lot of snow where you live? Place these simple skis on your pram's wheels and you've got your solution! Your pram will can be easily pushed over the snow!

    The skis come with mountings in three sizes in order to fit small, medium or large wheels.

    A pram with four wheels needs 2 skis on the front wheels in order to allow it to coast on the top of the snow, though it is of course good to put skis on all four of the wheels if you want to.

    Those that have prams with three wheels can choose to put only one on the front wheel or put a ski on each of the wheels, which makes your pram all the more snow-friendly.

    Developed in Sweden by AXSO, these skis fit all prams and are very easy to mount.
    Sold in a 2-pack.

    For fast and easy mounting, follow these instructions:
    1. Mount the straps to the bracket that fits the size of the pram wheel.
    2. Place the pram wheel against the front side of the curved form.
    3. Adjust the bracket with the available holes so the bracket is positioned at the back of the wheel.
    4. Fold the bracket forward over the back side of the wheel.
    5. Tighten the bracket by pulling the straps through the holes in front of the bracket form while tightening the straps so the wheel doesn't roll in the ski. You can also test the skis on other wheels, like on a wheelbarrow, wheelchair or wagon.

  • Article nr: 11756
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: Fits stroller wheels with widths up to 6cm and diameters up to 30cm.
    Material: Plastic (PP hd), stainless steel brackets and textile harnesses.
    Quantity per pack: 2 skis

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