Cord Stopper 4-pack

Quick release for strings and cords
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    • Fast lacing
    • Easy to attach
    • Many uses

    This Cord Stopper has all sorts of great and practical uses. Tie and tighten your shoes in no time at all, quickly pull close the top cover of your backpack, or stop the laces in your jacket or jumper from getting lost within the hem. This versatile cord stopper just makes everyday life a little bit easier.

    Simply press the button at the bottom of the Cord Stopper, pull the lace or string as far as you desire, and then release the button. The cord is now locked in its new position, and you are free to tighten and adjust it at your leisure. A smart and simple accessory that just simplifies the little things in life.

    Quantity per pack: 4
    Dimensions: 2 cm x 1,7 cm x 1,5 cm
    Inner dimensions: 0,7 cm x 0,9 cm
  • Article nr: 12015
    Stock availability: 0
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 5 g kg

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Cord Stopper 4-pack Cord Stopper 4-pack
Quick release for strings and cords
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