Cover for Hövding 3

Reflective cover to protect your Hövding


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Airbag inside
Airbag inside Leopard
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    Make your Hövding more unique! With the replaceable covers, you can remove the included black base cover and give your Hövding 3 a fun new cover. The cover protects the helmet from dirt and make-up and also has reflective details that make you more visible in traffic.

    Hövding 3 should always be used with a protective cover. The covers reduce the wear on the helmet and they can also be washed by hand if they get dirty.

    The cover only fits Hövding 3 and is available in different models.

    Airbag inside
    The Airbag Inside cover has a grey, reflective fabric with the text Airbag Inside printed over the cover. When the cover is illuminated by headlights, the grey surface is reflected and makes you very visible.

    Material: 50% polyester, 50% polyamide.
    The Airbag inside cover can be washed by hand if needed.

    The Leopard cover, as the name suggests, features a leopard print pattern, and the comfortable design resembles a draped scarf. The black lines that surround the leopard pattern are highly reflective and reflect spotlights in the dark.

    Material: 40% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 30% Polyamide
    The Leopard cover can be washed by hand if necessary.

    How to put on the cover
    Put on the cover before using your Hövding.
    Use the instructions as well as the instruction video below to easily put on the cover of your Hövding.

    1. Lay out your Hövding 3 and release the BOA wheel so that the helmet is in the fully extended position.
    2. Attach the longest zipper of the shell to the corresponding zipper on the inside of your Chief.
    3. Adjust your Hövding with the BOA wheel so that it is the right size and fits comfortably around the neck.
    4. Then place the cover over the collar and attach the cover's second zip to the zip on the outside of your Hövding.
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Cover for Hövding 3 Cover for Hövding 3
Reflective cover to protect your Hövding


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