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Improve your debating skills
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    • Choose debate topics for your friends
    • 450 different topics
    • Follow crazy strategies

    Debatable is a board game where the players take on the role of a politician and take turns debating both serious and light-hearted topics. To make the game more interesting, the two debaters draw strategy cards before each round with well-known political tactics such as "Make totally unrealistic promises", "Personal attack" and "Deny everything".

    In the first round, a random player is selected as the moderator. The moderator draws a topic card with 5 different topics on it and selects one of them. The moderator then selects two players to debate the topic; giving one player the YES card, and the other player the NO card.

    The player who receives the YES card must argue for the chosen topic and the player with the NO card must argue against, regardless of their own opinions. To make it more interesting, both players must take two strategy cards and win the debate using those strategies.

    After each debate round, all non-debating players vote on who they think has won using the YES and NO cards. The player who won the debate is safe for the next round, while the loser receives a "Feeling the pressure" card. If you lose another debate with this card, you are out and are no longer a politician.

    However, the fun isn't over for eliminated players! If you get eliminated you continue the game as a moderator.

    Debatable has 465 different discussion subjects and 240 strategies which create 25,000 different strategic combinations. A fun board game for parties that never gets old!

    Debatable, contents:
    1 game board
    1 hourglass timer

    93 subject cards (465 subjects)
    60 strategy cards (240 strategies)
    1 moderator card
    1 YES card
    1 NO card
    8 "Vote yes" cards
    8 "Vote no" cards
    8 "Feeling the pressure?" cards

    Suitable: for over 15s
    Players: 3-16 players
    Playing time: approx. 30-120 min

    Please note that Debatable contains some controversial topics that may be considered offensive. We recommend that you review the topic cards before playing for the first time and, if necessary, take out cards that you think may be inappropriate for the group.

  • Article nr: 12583
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    Depth: 3.5 cm
    Length: 16 cm
    Manual: Rule booklet in Swedish and English
    Other: Age: 15 years and up , For 3-16 players , Playtime: 30-120 minutes
    Quantity per pack: 1 hourglass , 1 moderator card , 1 NO-card , 1 rule booklets , 1 YES-card , 60 strategy cards (240 strategies) , 93 subject cards (465 subjects)
    Width: 10 cm

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