Anti-limescale magnet ball

Removes calcium deposits
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    • Effective, non-chemical calcium remover for washing machines and dishwashers.
    • Crystallizes the calcium and makes water 70% softer
    • Use less detergent and wash at lower temperatures

    Calcium-rich, hard water builds calcium deposits that sit in water pipes and other undesirable places. This can, for example, lead todeposits on clothing in a washing machine, on clean dishes in a dishwasher, or in the pipes where it affects the flow of water.

    Anti-limescale magnet ball is a strong magnet that makes water softer and counteracts calcium deposits. Place the Anti-limescale magnet ball in the silverware holder in your dishwasher or together with your clothing in the washing machine. Wash as usual; the Magnoball crystallizes the hard water and makes it up to 70% softer.

    The crystallized calcium doesn't attach to the pipes, clothes, or dishes, which means it's possible to wash with lower temperatures and less detergent. Clothes and dishes are cleaner and the water runs freely through the pipes.

    Magnoball works for up to 10 years and has a guarantee for 5 years. Do not use Magnoball in temperatures over 40°C. Magnoball is a strong magnet and shouldn't be near pacemakers or other electronic equipment that are sensitive to strong magnetism.

  • Article nr: 10592
    Stock availability: 67
    Diameter: 5,5 cm
    Material: TPE skin and magnet
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Weight: 0,15 kg

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