Innovator: Agneta Pamp & Patrik Filliol

Dog towel

Dry your dog quickly
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    • Quickly dry your dog
    • Forget wet terry cloth towels
    • Amazing absorption

    Is your dog still wet from your morning swim, even though it's after lunch? Then this fantastic towel is your solution! It pulls the water from your dog's fur in mere moments.

    Plutoduken, in other words, is a clever towel that dries your dog's fur quickly after swimming or a rainy walk. Plutoduken is essential when your dog is wet and dirty, with Plutoduken drying your dog is quick and easy. Good for all types of dogs, and even cats too!

    To get the best absorption out of your Plutoduken, dampen the cloth and twist it out. Then, simply rub your dog dry, stopping to twist the excess water when needed. A thousand times better than terry cloth towels!

    Two sizes:
    Small (Original) - 50x70 cm
    Large (Original XL) - 70x100 cm

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    Other: Sizes: Small = 50x70cm, Large = 70x100cm

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