Drywall tool

Easy to measure and drywall
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    • Measure and cut long lines
    • Drywall knife, measuring tape and carpenter pencil
    • For drywall, wood, metal and textiles

    This practical drywall tool assists you in easily measuring and cutting large pieces of plasterboard. With the built-in measuring tape, drywall knife and carpenter pencil, all the most important tools are in the same place, making it as easy and efficient as possible for you.
    Pull out the measuring tape, place the end at the edge of the plasterboard and measure. Whether you are marking with a carpenter pencil or cutting free-handed it is easy to cut long straight lines with this nifty device.

    The drywall tool has a stable handle that gives you a sturdy grip when both writing and cutting the drywall. The drywall tool also facilitates installation of drywalls as well as cutting, measuring and marking up wood, metal and textiles.

    The retractable measuring tape is 3 m long and 25 mm wide. With the push of a button the measuring tape's length can be adjusted. When you have finished measuring the tape automatically retracts. .

    The drywall knife is safely stored within the tool. To release the blade when you are ready to cut, simply just push the button. When the blade starts to become blunt you can easily change it over with one of the four blades that are kept in the little handle compartment.

    On the drywall tool's right hand side is a little hole with a carpenter pencil attached. The pencil is firmly attached, making it easy to draw long and straight lines on both drywall and wood.

    Weight: approx 300 g (incl. five blades)
    Measurement: 25 cm x 7 cm x 8 cm

  • Article nr: 12656
    Stock availability: 2
    Height: 8 cm
    Length: 25 cm
    Width: 7 cm
    Weight: 300 g kg

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