Innovator: Kenneth Carlsson

Sealant Smoother

Smoothes out the sealant while you work
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    • Smooths the sealant instantly
    • Finishes your join in one go
    • Great results

    The sealant smoother is a handy little tool that helps you out when sealing cracks and seams around windows, doors, and skirting boards, or between the kitchen counter and the wall. The sealant smoother evenly distrbutes and smoothes the sealant as you go, so that you needn't go back and re-work it afterwards.

    The sealant smoother is attached to the coned nozzle on a tube or cartridge of sealant. The sealant smoother has an arrow-shaped nozzle that smooths out the sealant as you apply it so that you instantly get a great finish.

    Instructions: Attach the narrow, cone-shaped nozzle to your tube of sealant, then attach the sealant smoother onto the nozzle. Make sure the sealant smoother is firmly attached and cannot twist or turn.

    Hold the caulking gun at an angle to the surface you want to seal and squeeze out the sealant as you pull the caulking gun along the surface. Adjust the amount of sealant to your working speed and apply even pressure to the surface to ensure you get an even join.

    To increase the precision, you can steer the sealant smother using the stopper on top of it. Should you need to adjust any final details afterwards, remove the sealant smoother from the cartridge and pull it along the seal one more time.

    The sealant smoother fits most sealant cartridges and tubes. When not in use, the sealant smoother can be used as a protective cap for the cartridge.

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    Material: Plastic
    Quantity per pack: Choose between a pack of two or a pack of twelve

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