Innovator: Morakniv AB

Mora Knife with Ignition Steel and Sharpener

A super-sharp survival knife with a carbon steel blade
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    • Sharp and durable carbon steel blade
    • Diamond sharpener and ignition steel
    • Sheath with a belt loop and a clip

    Mora Bushcraft Survival is a great survival knife that has an ignition steel and diamond sharpener integrated into the sheath. This sturdy Mora knife has a sharp and durable carbon steel blade and a specially ground spine that can be used with the ignition steel.

    This Mora knife is the ultimate knife to take with you on any kind of camping or hiking trip. The durable carbon steel blade can be used to chip firewood and light a fire whatever the weather. The handle provides a sturdy grip even if wet, and the protective sheath has a belt loop and a clip so that you can keep the knife at hand.

    The blade is made of durable and hardened carbon steel. The carbon steel makes the blade super sharp and is easy to sharpen. If you notice that the blade needs sharpening, simply use the small diamond sharpener on the sheath. It only takes a few strokes for the blade to regain its sharpness.

    The thick spine has ground edges, which work perfectly with the ignition steel. Remove the ignition steel from the sheath and place it against the spine. Quickly pull the knife back and forth along the ignition steel to create sparks that can light paper and dry tinder.

    If you take care of the knife well, it will last you a lifetime. The carbon steel blade has a special coating that prevents corrosion. Carbon steel blades may require more maintenance than stainless steel blades if exposed to moist and corrosive environments. The carbon steel blade should be stored in a dry place and wiped after use. It is also a good idea to grease the blade.

    Over time, the carbon steel blade will gain a matte grey finishing (patina). This is a natural change that will also provide the knife with a better corrosion protection.

    When you buy a Mora knife, you can be sure than it comes from the village of Östnor in Mora, Sweden. The factory has not moved since it was founded in 1891. Frost-Erik Erson originally founded it as a vehicle factory, which later became what is now the company and trademark Morakniv.

    Morakniv Bushcraft Survival
    Total length: 23.2 cm
    Blade width: 10.9 cm
    Blade thickness: 3.2 mm
    Material: Carbon steel, TPE rubber
    Carbon content: 1%
    Coating: DLC (diamond-like carbon coating)
    Colour: Black
  • Article nr: lima-175462
    Stock availability: 147
    Length: Total knife length 23 cm. Blade length 11 cm
    Material: Carbon steel, TPE rubber
    Width: Blade thickness 3,2 mm
    Weight: 0,3 kg

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