Innovator: Martin Enkler och Ove Hammarberg
Martin Enkler & Ove Hammarberg

Ergonomic garden trowel

Good grip, power from the entire arm
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    • Ergonomic grip
    • Gives you power from the entire arm
    • Lightweight and sits well in the hand

    This smart garden trowel has an ergonomic grip which gives you strength from the entire arm when digging. The garden trowel is lightweight and perfect for work in flower beds, flower boxes and pallet rims.

    The bent handle sits well in your palm, which makes it possible to use your wrist for extra power when digging. Now you don't have to hold the handle as firmly, and it's perfect if you easily strain your hands from digging.

    The shovel only weighs 130 grams and is excellent to use when planting plants in loose and fertile soil in pots, flower boxes, flower beds, and pallet rims. If the soil is too compact, you can turn the shovel and start digging towards yourself. This gives you more force to dig in the compact soil.

    Length: 28.5 cm
    Width: 7 cm
    Material: Plastic

  • Article nr: 12931
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 6 cm
    Length: 28.5 cm
    Material: Polypropylene, glass fibre, TPE
    Width: 7 cm
    Weight: 0,13 kg
  • Innovators

    Martin Enkler & Ove HammarbergMartin Enkler founded Svea Redskap in 2002 and a few years later Ove Hammarberg also became a key person in the company. Ergonomic garden tools that reduce stress injuries are something they both think is important. Their products are not only sold at home in Knutby, but are sought after all over Europe.

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Good grip, power from the entire arm
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