Self-watering planter box

Large planter box with self-watering system
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    • Three separate inner pots
    • Perfect for plants that provide privacy
    • Legs can be bought as accessories

    The Trio Stone from German brand Lechuza is a large self-watering planting box for large or tall flowers, plants and fruit trees. The planter box has three detachable inner pots with separate water reservoirs and water level indicators that show when the water needs refilling.

    The large planting box is perfect to place in the garden, terrace and on larger balconies. It's ideal for semi-tall plants that can provide privacy, but also works well for low flower beds and for taller fruit trees and tomato plants that can also provide crops.

    Three separate inner pots
    The three inner pots have inset carrying handles in the sides that make it easy to move the plants for winter storage, or between the planting table and the planting box.

    For each inner pot, you get a bag with small leca balls that you pour into the bottom of each inner pot. You can then add soil and plant your plants.

    Water as usual the first time
    For the first time after planting your plants, water your plants as usual. When the roots of the plants have grown long enough to reach the bottom of the inner pots, you can start using the self-watering system.

    Tip! It may take a few weeks for the roots to find their way down, but you can easily lift each inner pot with the handles to check how far down the roots have reached.

    Self-watering system with water indicator
    Each inner pot has its own water reservoir which you fill through the small hole at the top of each inner pot. When the water reservoir is full, the plants can supply themselves with as much water as they need.

    The three inner pots also have separate water indicators. By looking at the water level indicator, you can see how much water is left in the water reservoir and water the plants as needed.

    Use indoors and outdoors
    The self-watering planting box can be used both indoors and outdoors. When the planting box is outdoors, make sure to remove the three drain plugs at the bottom so that excess rainwater can drain out.

    If you have the planting box indoors, it's important that you put the drain plugs back in so that the water doesn't run out onto the floor.

    In the package
    1 large self-watering planting box, 3 inner pots, 3 water level indicators, 3 bags with small leca balls. NOTE! Legs not included. Trellis not included.

    Buy Planting box legs here ->
    Buy Planting box trellis here ->

    Raise your planter
    Complete your planter box with 15 cm tall legs that lift the planting box off of the ground. The legs are attached to a stand on which you place the planting box. Legs are not included but can be purchased as accessories.

    The self-watering planter box is produced in Germany and made of high-quality, durable and UV-resistant plastic.

    Width: 100 cm
    Height: 34.5 cm
    Depth: 32.5 cm

    Inner boxes (x3): Height 23 cm x Width 25 cm x Depth 25 cm
    Water reservoir: 4 liters
    Planting volume: 14 liters

    NOTE! The video shows another model and several different sizes of the planting box. The video also shows the planting box with a trellis. The trellis is purchased separately.

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    Depth: 32.5 cm
    Height: 34.5 cm
    Volume: Water reservoir 4 liters
    Width: 100 cm

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