Food Dryer

Quickly dries fruits, herbs and mushrooms
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    • Quick and uniform drying
    • Maintains the taste and vitamins of the ingredients
    • Five rotatable layers

    Drying food is a proven, reliable and very effective way of preserving all sorts of foodstuff while conserving their natural qualities. This food dryer is equipped with five different layers so that you can easily dry a great deal of food all at the same time, even different types of food all at once. The drying temperature is low (with a maximum of approximately 70° C) but the air flow rate is high, ensuring that the raw ingredients retain all of their natural vitamins and vivid flavours. The temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 35° and 70° C.

    The food dryer is perfect for preserving fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and meats.
    The time it takes to dry your food fully will depend on how thinly each of the ingredients are cut. The process can be sped up by rotating the five different drying layers in different directions once every hour.

    NOTE! The food dryer can become hot during use; please use kitchen gloves when handling during the drying process. The heating plate should be cleaned with a damp cloth while the drying layers and lid can be hand-washed. Do not put any part of the food dryer in the dishwasher.
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    Height: 28 cm
    Length: 28 cm
    Manual: Swedish, Finnish, English and more
    Material: Plastic and metal
    Other: 250W , Overheating protection
    Width: 22 cm

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Food Dryer Food Dryer
Quickly dries fruits, herbs and mushrooms
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