Self-watering balcony box

Facilitates cultivation of herbs and plants on the balcony
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    • Self-watering wick
    • Water reservoir, 1 liter
    • Perfect for businesses

    With the self-watering balcony box, it's easy to make your own little garden of spices, herbs and flowers. The inner box of the balcony box has room for three small growing pots and the smart self-watering system ensures that each plant is provided with just as much water as the plant needs.

    Perfect for herbs and small plants
    The balcony box is perfect to use with both home-grown and pre-purchased spices, herbs and plants. There's no need to replant them, just place them with the small cultivation pot they come with in one of the balcony drawers' three compartments.

    Smart self-watering function
    The self-watering system consists of a built-in water reservoir and three self-irrigation wicks that ensure that your plants get the right amount of water. Insert the self-watering wicks into the bottom of each growing pot. The wicks hang down into the water reservoir and absorb as much water as each plant needs.

    Water indicator
    You fill the balcony drawer with water by pouring it through the small hole at the top. The small water indicator on the top shows when you need to top up the water reservoir, making it easy to make sure that your plants always have water.

    Comes with balcony brackets
    The balcony planter is delivered with brackets that fit balcony railings with a maximum diameter of 5.8 cm. You can of course use the box without brackets and have it both outdoors and indoors.

    When you have the balcony planter outdoors, make sure to unscrew the small plug under the drawer so that excess rainwater can drain out. When the balcony drawer is indoors, make sure to put the plug back in the bottom to prevent water running out onto the floor.

    Good to know
    The plant needs a grow pot so that you can place it in the balcony box. If your plant comes without a grow pot, you will need to plant it in a grow pot before you place it in the balcony box.

    The balcony box is produced in Germany and is made of light and durable plastic. The UV-resistant plastic prevents the plastic from fading in the sun. Lechuza's balcony box was awarded the Reddot Award 2018.

    Width: 40 cm
    Depth: 13 cm
    Height: 13.5 cm
    Water reservoir: 1 liter
    Weight: 0.9 kg

    Number of inner pots in the inner box: 3 pcs
    Inner pot diameter: 10 cm to 12 cm
    Inner pot height: 10 cm

    Material: PP plastic
    Made in Germany
    Maximum diameter of balcony railing: 5.8 cm
    Max 8 kg load

  • Article nr: 13722
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 13 cm
    Height: 13.5 cm
    Width: 40 cm

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