Innovator: Jorgen Johansson, Majvor Johansson

Berry cleaner Berrybooster

Clean large quantities of lingonberries and blueberries
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    • Fast, effective cleaning of lingonberries & blueberries
    • Gentle to the berries
    • Powered by your vacuum cleaner & drill

    The Berrybooster is a Swedish designed berry cleaner that makes the cleaning of lingonberries and blueberries faster and more efficient. The Berrybooster gently separates the vast majority of leaves and twigs from your freshly picked lingonberries and blueberries. The debris goes into a pull-out debris box and the cleaned berries are rolled out onto a conveyor belt.

    The berry cleaner is easy to assemble and you only need a vacuum cleaner and a drill to power it. Cleaning berries with The Berrybooster is time efficient and makes it more fun to clean large quantities of berries that you can then use for jamming, juicing or freezing for later.

    Easy to assemble without tools

    You do not need to use any tools to assemble the portable cleaner. However, you will need access to a household vacuum cleaner and a drill to power the berry cleaner. It is also good to have a 10-litre bucket to make it easier to collect the cleaned berries. Hang the 10-litre bucket in the slots at the end of the conveyor belt so that the cleaned berries can fall directly into the bucket from the end of the conveyor belt.

    Using a vacuum cleanersn for the berry cleaner

    The vacuum cleaner helps to sort the berries from leaves and twigs. The connection hole is adapted for vacuum cleaners with a circular tube with a tube diameter of Ø3.5 cm. If you have a different shape or dimension of the tube at the end, you will need to buy an adapter from any hardware store or large household goods store.

    Depending on the model of your vacuum cleaner, you may need to experiment with the suction power to see which setting suits your vacuum cleaner best. If berries are being sucked into the bin, you will need to reduce the suction power. If there are more than a few leaves on the belt, increase the suction power. Note that it is quite normal for individual leaves and twigs to occasionally fall down with the berries on the belt.

    Drills control the speed of the conveyor belt

    To drive the conveyor belt, you need a drill. Plug the supplied drive shaft into your drill and connect it to the Berrybooster. Then use the included clamp to adjust the speed of the drill according to how fast you want the belt to roll.

    One tip is not to run the belt too fast, but to let the belt run at a suitable speed so that you have time to remove unripe berries and small debris from the belt. The drill should be able to run slowly at about 15-20 revolutions per minute (rpm). A normal sized rechargeable battery will give you an operating time of about 5 hours.

    Time-saving berry cleaning

    The time it takes to clean berries with the Berrybooster varies depending on the speed of the belt and how fast you are at removing the occasional leaves and twigs that occasionally appear on the conveyor belt. On average, it takes about 30-35 minutes to clean 10 litres of lingonberries and around the same time for 10 litres of blueberries, about 35-40 minutes.

    Tips and tricks

    -Although the trough holds about 7 litres, it is best and most efficient to clean about 5 litres of berries at a time.
    -Wet leaves that have stuck to the berries can be removed when they end up on the conveyor belt.
    -Take a look at the separator plate from time to time, there can sometimes be sticky blueberries that need to be removed with a flat back brush through the feed hole.

    The Berrybooster berry cleaner - Care tips

    The Berrybooster berry cleaner is made of corrosion-resistant Magnelis sheet metal and is easy to rinse off with a garden hose. You can also wipe the plate with a wet cloth, a little dish soap and possibly a little citric acid. The conveyor belt can be removed and washed in a washing machine at 40°C. The belt should not be tumble dried.

    About the innovators

    Jörgen and Majvor Johansson have always picked a lot of lingonberries and blueberries, which also resulted in many hours of berry cleaning. What started with a funnel-shaped tube connection to the vacuum cleaner has, after several different solutions and prototypes, resulted in Jörgen and Majvor's "The Berrybooster". A clever berry cleaner in sheet metal that rolls out the cleaned berries directly into your bucket and collects leaves and debris in a separate debris box.


    Material: Corrosion-resistant Magnelis plate, latex/polyester drive belt
    Cleaner, assembled: length 920 cm, width 190 cm, height 310 cm
    Weight: approx. 5 kg.

    In the package

    1 pc trough for 5 litres of berries.
    1 pc conveyor belt holder.
    1 pc conveyor belt.
    1 pc removable rubbish box.
    4 pc steering wheel screws M5.
    1 pc lid to close the outlet when refilling berries.
    1 pc drive shaft for drill.
    1 pc screw clamp for drill (for speed control).
    1 pc assembly instructions in Swedish.

  • Article nr: 14101
    Stock availability: 12
    Length: 920 cm
    Manual: Swedish manual
    Material: Corrosion resistant Magnelis plate , Drive belt made of latex/polyester
    Width: 19 cm
    Weight: ca 5 kg

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