Hamburger holders 4-pack

Reusable hamburger pockets that reduce spillage
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    • Catches dripping sauce and toppings
    • Makes it easy to hold a burger
    • Set the burger down between bites

    BurgerBuddy is a set of bowl-shaped hamburger holders in food grade silicone that allow you to maximize your burger with sauce and lots of tasty toppings without spilling them. The reusable hamburger pockets are easy to grip and make it more fun for hamburger lovers of all ages to eat sticky food.

    Once you have loaded your burger with all the tasty additions, place it in the holder. The holder holds the burger together for you, and when you have taken a bite of the burger, you can turn it over and continue eating along the edge. The holder catches dripping sauce, salad and other toppings that may fall off the burger and reduces the risk of you spilling things on your clothes.

    The flat bottom of the hamburger holder also makes it easier for you to set the burger down between bites.

    Use as a holder for french fries or dipping sauces
    The hamburger holder BurgerBuddy is supplied in a 4-pack. In addition to making it easier to hold the hamburger, you can also use any bowls that are left over for dipping sauces, french fries, salsa or snacks.

    Made of food-grade silicone
    The hamburger holders are made of 100% food grade approved and BPA-free silicone. The holders can be washed in the dishwasher and are oven safe up to 230 °C degrees.

    BurgerBuddy, founded in 2019 by burger lover Charlie
    BurgerBuddy's founder, Charlie Hyatt, comes from a family that has always loved grilling burgers in the garden. He invented BurgerBuddy partly to keep the sauce on the burger instead of on your clothes, but also as a practical holder for those who have difficulty grasping the whole burger.

    Made in the USA
    BurgerBuddy is made in Tampa, Florida, USA.

    Quantity per package: 4 BurgerBuddy hamburger holders
    Outer dimensions: Width 13 cm, Depth 9 cm, Height 5.5 cm
    Inner dimensions: Width 12 cm, Depth 8 cm, Height 5 cm
    Material: 100% food grade approved, BPA-free silicone
    Heat resistant up to 230 °C degrees
  • Article nr: 13636
    Stock availability: 10
    Material: 100% food grade silicone
    Quantity per pack: 4 BurgerBuddy hamburger holders

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