Hamburger press in stainless steel

Squeeze perfect burgers that stay together
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Baking paper Baking paper
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    • Presses perfect burgers
    • Smart one-handed grip
    • Gram scale on the inside

    A hamburger press is an essential item to have when making your own hamburgers. By pressing the burgers with a hamburger press, the burgers will be the same size and take the same amount of time to cook. This results in juicy burgers whether you're making grilled burgers, cheeseburgers, vegan burgers or vegan burgers.

    Hamburgers that stay together

    With the burger press you can quickly press many perfect burgers in a short time. Perfect for barbecues, hamburger parties and children's parties where many burgers need to be cooked at once. The pre-pressed burgers hold together well on the grill, griddle and in the frying pan and are easy to put between the burger buns with all the tasty toppings.

    Smart one-handed grip

    The hamburger press has a smart finger grip that makes it easy to press the hamburgers with the palm of your hand. With the same grip, you can then lift the burger press with one hand and remove the smashed burger from the cutting board with the other hand.

    Graduation on the inside, 100-400 grams

    The gram scale on the inside of the burger press makes it easier to estimate the size of the burgers. The gram scale is graduated between 100-400 grams and by comparing the height of the finished rolled meatballs with the gram scale, you can more easily see approximately how big the burgers will be.

    Hamburger press, how to do it?

    Roll the minced meat, vegetable mixture or lentil paste into equal balls. Then place one ball under the burger press on a cutting board and press down on the handle. You can now lift the burger press and take out the perfectly round burger to fry or put on the grill.

    Buy additional interleaving paper for easier handling and storage

    Using a cling film makes handling the burger a little easier. Place a piece of cling film under the patty when you smash the burger. The pressed burger is now easier to move from the cutting board and it's also easier to stack ready-made burgers on top of each other. Perfect if you want to prepare the burgers before cooking them.

    Where to buy interleaving paper->

    Specifications, Hamburger press stainless steel
    Height: approx. 14 cm
    Diameter: ca Ø 11 cm
    Material: matt stainless steel
    Cleaning: the hamburger press can be washed in the dishwasher.
    2 year warranty

  • Article nr: 13901
    Stock availability: 20
    Diameter: 11 cm
    Height: 14 cm
    Material: stainless steel
    Colour: Silver

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Squeeze perfect burgers that stay together
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