NomadiQ portable gas barbecue

Large table grill with unique foldable design
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    • Convenient table-top grill for great barbecue evenings
    • Two grilling surfaces with separate temperature controls
    • Easy to carry, weighs only 5.6 kg

    The NomadiQ portable gas barbecue is a lightweight, portable gas barbecue that's as easy to take into the garden as it is to a picnic in the park. The sturdy table-top grill is large enough for you to grill for a large party and the two separate grilling surfaces have individual temperature controls, making it easier to adjust the heat to what you're grilling.

    The unique, foldable design makes NomadiQ the ultimate table barbecue for great barbecues with family and friends. The NomadiQ gas barbecue makes it easy to cook at the beach, in the park, on the patio and in the boat. The handy size also makes it practical for use as a caravan barbecue.

    As long as there is a flat surface to place the grill on, you can easily grill wherever you are. The barbecue is quick to set up. Then connect a gas cylinder and you're ready to grill.

    Designed to be as portable as possible
    Without sacrificing any features, NomadiQ is designed to be as portable as possible. The grill is carried either by the handle or with the included shoulder strap. It's easy to pack in your car, boat or caravan and can even be carried over your shoulder when cycling.

    Quick installation
    Place the grill on a flat surface and turn out the legs at the bottom of the grill (the grill can only be opened if the feet are folded out). Unlock the LPG grill by pulling out the buttons on the side and turning them to the side. The grill can now be opened at the handle and folded out. Turn back the knobs on both sides to secure the grill.

    Place the two crescent-shaped drip trays on your feet. Then connect the Y-shaped end of the gas hose to the grill and connect the other end to a gas cylinder. Light the barbecue by pressing the ignition button.

    Two large grilling surfaces with adjustable temperature
    Once you light the barbecue, it takes just a few minutes for the two grilling surfaces to heat up. The large grilling surfaces give you plenty of space to grill for a large party. You can also adjust the temperature individually for each grate and adapt the heat to different ingredients or use one side for heat retention.

    Compatible gas cylinders
    The NomadiQ gas barbecue is powered by an optional butane/propane gas cylinder, which you can buy at the petrol station, for example. Hose with gas regulator included.

    Cleaning the gas grill
    The grill can be removed and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Once removed, you can easily access the inside of the grill and clean the corners and edges.

    The collapsible gas barbecue is made of high-quality aluminium and weighs only 5.6 kg. Folded, the gas barbecue is only 40 cm wide, 36 cm high and 15 cm deep.

    NomadiQ BBQ gas grill

    Two grill grates with individual temperature controls
    Grill area: 2x 730cm2 = 1460cm2
    Grill grates: cast aluminium with non-stick coating
    Quick lighters: 2pcs
    Burner power: 3,2kW
    BTU per side: 5,450
    Total BTU: 10,900
    Gas: Butane/PropaneStandard gas connection
    Certification: EN498/LPG, EN521 Portable LPG, AS2658, CA21.89/21.58

    Total weight: 5,6 kg
    Height: Folded 36 cm, Opened 19 cm
    Width: Folded 41 cm, Open 41 cm
    Depth: Folded 15 cm, Open 65 cm
    Material: aluminium
    Colour: Matte black

  • Article nr: 13856
    Stock availability: 2
    Depth: 15 cm
    Height: 36 cm
    Material: aluminium
    Other: Compatible LPG cylinders: LPG cylinders with nozzle, screw valve and larger cylinders with standard 1/4 thread
    Width: 41 cm
    Colour: black
    Weight: 5,6 kg

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