Heating pad for your feet

Warmth and well-being for your feet
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    • Choose between two temperature levels
    • Distributes heat evenly
    • Thin and space-saving design

    Electric heating pad to keep your feet, arms and hands warm on cold days of the year. The heating pad offers a cosy, warm and soothing feeling for rest, relaxation and well-being. With two temperature levels (40-50ºC) and a safety thermostat, the pad heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. With its ultra-thin design, the heating pad is easy to fold, saving space in storage.

    Heating pad for relaxing moments

    The heating pad is not just a foot warmer but a versatile solution for anyone looking for warmth and well-being. Let this electric heating mat become part of your daily comfort - at home, in the office or wherever you need a little extra warmth. The heating pad can also be used on the table to warm your arms and hands. The included remote control makes it easy to change settings.

    Waterproof surface for easy cleaning

    The surface of the heating pad is non-slip and waterproof, meaning it won't slip or damage the floor or surface. The cable is detachable to facilitate cleaning, which is easily done with a damp cloth. The heating pad is designed to be used with both socks and shoes.


    Material: PVC, aluminium, rubber, polyester
    Length: 50 cm
    Width: 31 cm
    Thickness: 0.75 cm
    Colour: Grey, black
    Heating function: Even heat distribution
    Temperature levels: 2, 40-50ºC
    Cleaning: Cleaned with a damp cloth
    Type of plug: C
    Detachable cable: 150 cm
    Power: 50 W
    AC in: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
    Country of manufacture: China
  • Article nr: 14289
    Stock availability: 5
    Height: 0.75 cm
    Length: 50 cm
    Material: PVC, aluminium, rubber, polyester
    Other: AC in 220-240 V/ 50Hz , Cable length: 150 cm , Clean with a damp cloth , Detachable cable: Yes , Heating function: Even heat distribution , Non-slip surface: Yes , Plug: C , Power: 50W , Temperature levels: 2 pcs, 40-50°C
    Width: 31 cm
    Colour: Grey, black

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Heating pad for your feet Heating pad for your feet
Warmth and well-being for your feet
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