Paingone rechargeable lumbar TENS unit

Effective treatment of back pain
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    • Wireless operation with remote control
    • Rechargeable
    • Adjustable intensity in 16 levels

    TENS device from Paingone specially developed to treat back pain. The design is optimally adapted to relieve the pain in the lower back with large gel plates that cover a large treatment area. With the remote control, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the treatment in 16 levels for optimal effectiveness and comfort. The wireless design of the TENS unit allows it to be worn hidden under clothing.

    Easy and convenient use

    The TENS unit is equipped with a remote control that makes the treatment extra convenient. With the remote control, you can adjust the intensity levels, select programmes and switch the device on and off.

    TENS technology relieves pain

    When the device is activated, it emits TENS stimulation to the affected areas. This technology is known to effectively reduce pain by sending soothing electrical impulses to the nerve endings in the back.

    Customisable pain relief for your needs

    The lightweight and flexible design of Paingone Aegis adapts to your body, providing precise pain relief where you need it most. With adjustable intensity settings, you can easily fine-tune the treatment to suit your personal needs. The rechargeable Li-ion battery and wireless design make it a user-friendly device for everyday use.

    How to use

    Begin by attaching the two conductive gel pads to the TENS unit. Then apply the TENS plates to the desired area on your back. Check that the gel pad is firmly attached to the skin to ensure good conductivity. Please note that the skin where the gel pads are placed should be clean and dry for optimal contact and effectiveness.

    Activate the device by pressing and holding the ‘ON/+’ button on the remote control or directly on the device. To adjust the intensity, press the ‘+’ button on the remote control or the device until you reach a comfortable level. If the intensity feels too strong, you can easily reduce the intensity by pressing the ‘-’ button. There are a total of 16 different intensity levels to choose from.

    The TENS unit has three different treatment modes that you can switch between during use to customise the treatment to your needs. Press and hold the ‘ON/+’ button to switch between the following modes: weak pulse, strong pulse or combination of weak and strong pulse.

    Things to consider

    When the gel pads lose their stickiness, they can be lightly moistened with water to regain their adhesion. Replace the gel pads when they no longer work properly.

    Please note that the TENS device is not intended to replace existing medication or to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. Paingone devices should not be used during pregnancy, by people who have a pacemaker or other electrically implanted device, suffer from severe heart rhythm problems or have epilepsy. Discontinue treatment if you experience adverse side effects.


    Colour: White
    Weight: 82 g
    Length: 24 cm
    Width: 11 cm
    Intensity levels: 16
    Number per pack: 1
    Battery life: Approx. 7 days with 15 minutes of use per day
    Battery life, remote control: Approx. 20 days with 15 minutes of use per day
    Recharge time: Approx. 2h
    Recharge time, remote control: Approx. 2h
    Country of manufacture: China

  • Article nr: 14315
    Stock availability: 5
    Battery time: About 7 days with 15 minutes of use per day , Remote control: Approximately 2 days with 15 minutes of use per day
    Length: 24 cm
    Other: Charging time, remote control: Approx. 2h , Intensity levels: 16 , Recharging time: Approx. 2h
    Quantity per pack: 1
    Width: 11 cm
    Colour: White
    Weight: 0.082 kg
  • What is TENS?

    TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a pain relief method commonly used to reduce both acute and chronic pain. TENS is a popular treatment method both in physiotherapy and rehabilitation and for home use.

    How does TENS work?

    TENS devices send electrical impulses through electrodes attached to the skin. These impulses can block pain signals to the brain and stimulate the production of endorphins, which help reduce pain and improve blood circulation in the treated area.

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Paingone rechargeable lumbar TENS unit Paingone rechargeable lumbar TENS unit
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