Hestra - Swedish quality gloves since 1936

In 1936, the glove maker Martin Magnusson and his family moved to Småland. Martin started his workshop on a farm making gloves for the area's lumberjacks. That was the starting point for Hestra, the family-owned company that have been manufacturing gloves for sport, fashion and professionals for over 80 years.

Today, Hestra is run by third and fourth generation glove makers. Everything from design, purchasing of materials and manufacturing is done by Hestra themselves. Design and development happen in Hestra - a Swedish town and the products are manufactured in Hestra's own factories. That gives maximum production control and ensures that the gloves maintain the same historically good quality.

Hestra has a huge range with over 400 designs. Browse the range of specially selected designs with smart gloves that protect your hands and make working easier.
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Rose Gloves Rose Gloves

Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns

25.50 €
Work gloves Work gloves
Nice work gloves with good grip
6.30 €
Cut-Resistant Work Gloves Cut-Resistant Work Gloves
Comfortable protective gloves with a secure grip
11.30 €
Bamboo Gardening Gloves Bamboo Gardening Gloves
Super soft and stretchy bamboo gloves
8.50 €
Gloves for kids Gloves for kids
All-round glove for children who want to help
6.30 €
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