Rose Gloves

Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns

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    • Comfortable gloves with slight padding
    • Long cuffs to protect your forearms
    • Practical loop for hanging

    These comfortable and sturdy rose gloves from Hestra protect both your hands and your arms when gardening. The gloves are made of durable goatskin and have long cuffs of cow leather that protect your forearms against sharp thorns and twigs.

    The rose gloves are perfect for all kinds of gardening and are especially useful when working with rosebushes or other thorny plants. The light padding protects your palms and makes the gloves more comfortable to wear while the long cuff protects your forearms. The gloves are very comfortable and have practical loops to hang them up.

    Choose between size 6 (x-small), size 7 (small), size 8 (medium) and size 9 (large).
    Note! The rose gloves are small-sized.

    These CE certified gloves are produced by the Swedish company Hestra, which has produced high-quality gloves for over 80 years.

    Material: Goatskin, cow leather
    Store cool and dry
  • Article nr: 13112
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: Size 7: 39 cm. Size 9: 40 cm
    Material: Goatskin
    Quantity per pack: 1 pair , 1 pair of gloves

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Rose Gloves Rose Gloves

Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns

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