Ice cream tray

Convenient ice cream container for all types of ice cream
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2.37 litre White
1.4 litre Blue 1.4 liter red 2.37 litre White
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    • Insulated walls keep the cold better
    • Stands firmly on rubber feet
    • Choose between 1.4 litre and 2.37 litre trays

    With a sturdy ice cream tray, you can store and serve homemade ice cream like a pro. The reusable ice cream container can be used for regular ice cream, Italian gelato, sorbet, yoghurt ice cream, parfait and any other ice cream you make, with or without an ice cream maker.

    The ice cream tray has rubber feet on the bottom and stands firmly when you scoop ice cream. The double insulated walls also make the ice cream melt more slowly when it's out of the freezer.

    The long, narrow design makes it easier to scoop up perfect scoops and to store the ice cream tray in the freezer or freezer door. The lid protects the ice cream from absorbing the smell and taste of other items and allows you to stack other products on top of the tray.

    The ice cream tray is available in two sizes: 1.4 litres and 2.37 litres.

    Material: BPA free, food-grade plastic
    Cleaning: should only be washed by hand.

  • Article nr: 13842
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    Material: BPA free, Food-grade plastic
    Colour: Blue , White

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Ice cream tray Ice cream tray
Convenient ice cream container for all types of ice cream
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