Inflatable hair washing basin

Inflatable sink for washing hair in bed
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    • Allows you to wash your hair in bed
    • Inflatable sides provide good neck support
    • Meter-long drainage hose

    With an inflatable hair wash basin, you can wash the hair of a person lying in bed who would otherwise have difficulty getting to the bathroom to have their hair washed. The inflatable basin provides good support for the neck and the person can comfortably lie down on the bed and have their hair washed.

    Hair washing in bed

    Inflate the hair wash basin with your mouth or use a pump (not included). Make sure to inflate the hair washing basin properly so that the head is well supported. Fill a bucket with water, allow the person to lie down and then pour an appropriate amount of water into the washbasin. Do not overfill the basin with water.

    Empty the hair washing basin of water

    To drain the water after the hair wash, use the metre-long drain hose to direct the water into a bucket or other container at the side of the bed. The valve at the bottom of the hair wash basin allows you to drain the water with the hose in a controlled manner.

    Foldable, easy to transport

    Once you have emptied the basin of water and air, you can fold it up again. The hair wash basin is easy to store and takes up little space if you want to take it with you when travelling.


    Height: 22 cm
    Width: 61 cm
    Depth: 51 cm
    Weight: 580 grams
    Bucket not included.

  • Article nr: 14063
    Stock availability: 7
    Depth: 51 cm
    Height: 22 cm
    Width: 61cm
    Colour: White
    Weight: 0.58 kg

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