Inflatable kayak and SUP-board

Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers

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    • SUP when the wind is with you
    • Kayak when the wind is against you
    • Can be used both as a kayak and a SUP

    Cascade from Aqua Marina is an inflatable hybrid board that is very stable and easy to maneuver. The inflatable board has the form of a kayak but is in fact a SUP-board. The combination of the board’s design and the removable chair allows you to use the Kayak-SUP hybrid in three different ways.


    You can attach the chair, sit on top of the kayak and paddle. That gives you a good view and is perfect for those times when you just want to cruise around on the water. The removable, padded chair has a tall back support and is attached with D-rings and Velcro.

    Paddle quick

    If you remove the chair and sit down in the kayak, you achieve a lower centre of gravity and can paddle faster. When you sit down in the kayak, you can even use the splashing cover and shield your legs. If water would enter the kayak, there is a self-draining valve that leads the water away.

    Stand up and paddle

    Finally, you can use the board as a regular SUP to travel around on the water. The accompanying paddle can quickly be remade from a double-sided kayak paddle to a one-sided SUP paddle. The deck of the SUP-board gives you a good foothold when you are standing up and paddling.

    The two removable fins give stability and helps you to keep your course while paddling. In the two freight-nets of the kayak, you can bring tools and supplies. Smart when you want to get out on longer adventures.

    The kayak has multiple handles that makes it easy to carry the kayak to the water. You also get a storage backpack that you can carry the kayak in after you have drained it of air.


    Using the accompanying pump, it takes about 5-10 minutes to fill the board and deck with air. Follow the air-pressure guide in the manual to find out the maximal air pressure for the different air chambers. If it is hotter than 25 °C outside, it is recommended to only have around 80-90% air pressure as the heat makes the air expand.

    Model: Aqua Marina Cascade BT-21CAP
    Material: Durable PVC
    Length: 340 cm
    Width: 89 cm
    Thickness: 20 cm
    Volume: 470 liters
    Net weight: 13 kg
    Max load: 220 kg
    Max number of passengers: 1
    Air chambers: 1+1
    Draining valve: 1
    1 year warranty from manufacturing defects

    Included in the package

    Storage backpack, pump, chair, splash cover, hybrid paddle, 2 fins, safety line, reparation kit, user manual in English.

    How does an inflatable SUP-board differ from firm boards?

    When it is inflated, you will barely feel the difference. With the inflatable model however, you can empty out the air, roll it, and then transport it much easier than a regular board.


    Clean the board with tap water and a mild soap after use. Wash away sand, salt, dirt, and remove the fins so you can clean the fin-mount. Wipe the board dry before storing it in the backpack.

    The board should be stored inside or in the shade. Release some of the air inside the board before storing it until it only has approx. 60-70% air pressure inside. Check the air pressure from time to time and release more air if necessary.

    During long term storage, the board should be kept in room temperature. It can be stored inflated or folded.

    Do not drag the board along the ground as sharp objects can puncture it. Always use a life vest while out on the sea.

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    Height: 20 cm
    Length: 340 cm
    Material: Reinforced PVC
    Volume: 470 litres
    Width: 89 cm
    Weight: 13 kg

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Inflatable kayak and SUP-board Inflatable kayak and SUP-board

Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers

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