Innovator: Åsa Magnusson
Åsa Magnusson

Lifeline with Lifebuoy

Easy to throw and inflates as it touches the water

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    • Lifeline with a built-in lifebuoy
    • 15-metre-long line
    • Carbon cartridge quickly inflates the lifebuoy

    This intelligent Swedish lifeline has a built-in lifebuoy that inflates itself as it comes into contact with water. The lifebuoy is much lighter than a traditional lifebuoy. During a quick rescue operation, the lifeline is easily thrown into the water after which you can simply pull the afflicted person back to shore.

    The lifeline is 15 metres long and weighs a mere 0.5 kg. The light weight ensures that most people are able to throw the line a good distance and also makes it easier to aim at the afflicted person in the water.

    Once the lifebuoy hits the water it takes three seconds for the carbon cartridge to activate and inflate the lifebuoy. Fully inflated, the lifebuoy has a buoyancy of 60 Newton (N), which makes it steady enough to float on and it can keep an adult afloat by a good margin.

    The lifebuoy can be used all year round and is perfect for anyone who spends time on or near water. It's a great device to have on the boat or snow scooter or to pack in your rucksack when ice-skating or fishing on frozen water.

    Make sure the lifebuoy is stored in a dry place as it inflates when it comes into contact with water. The carbon cartridge must be changed once it has been activated. In order to ensure that the lifebuoy functions properly, the cartridge should be changed once a year even if the cartridge has not been activated.

    The lifeline was developed by the innovator Åsa Magnusson and the company Quicksave. Quicksave has developed several pieces of life-saving equipment. All the equipment is manufactured in Sweden and fulfil the strict Swedish and international requirements for lifesaving equipment.

    Technical data
    Tube material: Nylon
    Weight: 0.5 kg
    Buoyancy when fully inflated: 60 N - the same buoyancy as a sailing life jacket
    Carbon cartridge: 16 g CO2, screw thread
    Service interval: Once a year

  • Article nr: 13100
    Stock availability: 7
    Length: 15 metre line
    Quantity per pack: Lifeline, lifbuoy & screw thread carbon cartridge 16 g (single use)
    Weight: 0,5 kg

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