Insect pen for mobile phones - Heat it

Relieves irritating insect bites
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    • Reduces pain and itching
    • Relief in 4-9 seconds
    • Loop for attaching to the key ring

    Put an end to the itch! Introducing a heat relief remedy for the summer scourge of mosquito bites. This includes swollen mosquito bites, lumpy mosquito bites, and red and sore mosquito bites. But also mosquito bites you didn't know you had, bites that look like mosquito bites and bites that look like mosquito bites but are actually bites from something else entirely.

    Alleviating discomfort on the go

    Mosquitoes suck, in two senses. Partly because they suck blood, partly because they suck all the joy out of us humans. They suck for lots of other reasons, too, but we don't need to go into that in detail. The important thing is that mosquitoes suck. And that the evil bloodsuckers strike again and again with all their might. Fortunately, you can now magic away the itchy bites and stop the frantic scratching. This smartphone accessory relieves insect bites with a heat-treating pen - quickly and effectively!

    Here's how it works

    We're talking instantaneous action here! Plug Heat it into your phone's charging port and open the app, and you're halfway through the process. When you're ready to fight the itch, place the pen on the insect bite and click start to begin heating. A concentrated heat of up to 51°C will quickly and reliably relieve the affected skin area.

    Of course, you can also customise the treatment according to the extent of the insect bite. There's no shortage of options here - Heat it lets you choose from no less than 12 different treatment programmes. And the best of all? You can forget about batteries - Heat it gets all the power it needs directly from your smartphone. And it requires almost no power at all to work. It's also compact as can be and easy to attach to your keys. How smart?


    Weight: 4g
    Material: Ceramic heating plate
    Length: 3,6cm
    Width: 1,7cm
    Depth: 0,8cm
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Other: The Heat it app is available in several languages
    Consumes about 0.1% of the smartphone battery per use
    Can be used on children from four years and up
    Fits Iphone 6 or newer
    Fits all Android with USB-C

  • Article nr: 14131
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: Consumes about 0.1% of phone battery per use
    Depth: 0.8 cm
    Length: 3.6 cm
    Material: Ceramic hotplate
    Other: Suitable for children from 4 years up , The Heat it app is available in multiple languages
    Width: 1.7 cm
    Weight: 0.004 kg

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Insect pen for mobile phones - Heat it Insect pen for mobile phones - Heat it
Relieves irritating insect bites
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