KeySmart Keyholder Rugged

Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need

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    • Keeps your keys organized
    • Easy to carry
    • Contains up to 14 keys

    KeySmart Rugged is a compact and modern keyholder that can hold up to 14 keys.
    The compact keyholder takes up minimal space, keeps the keys gathered in place, and makes it easy to carry the keys without running the risk of them poking holes in your pockets, or scratching the inside of your purse.

    With KeySmart Rugged you can store 14 flat keys in your keyholder. You can also attach a bigger key, such as a car key, to the holder in the back. Once the keys are mounted to the keyholder you can easily bring out the key you need.

    How do I open the keyholder?

    To attach the keys, open the keyholder with a coin or a screwdriver. Stack the keys on top of each other in two piles and then screw the holder back together. If you are having an uneven number of keys, you can use the small black rings to make it even on both sides.

    KeySmart Rugged is delivered with two pair of screws. Use the shorter screws for 2-8 keys, and the longer screws when you want to attach 8-14 keys on the keyholder.

    KeySmart Rugged is delivered with two expansion-screws, one belt clip, and 1 bottle opener.

    Measurements: 9,3 cm x 2 cm x 1,1 cm
    Material: Aluminium, stainless steel
    Holder for up to 14 flat keys + one bigger key.

  • Article nr: 13541
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 1,1 cm
    Length: 9,3 cm
    Width: 2 cm
    Weight: 0,03 kg

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KeySmart Keyholder Rugged KeySmart Keyholder Rugged

Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need

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