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Lamp with textile mount, GelaLight

Portable mini lamp with patented bracket
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    • Powerful light, up to 350 lumens
    • Fits on all garments
    • Magnetic attachment on the back

    GelaLight is a super-slim lamp with a patented textile attachment that can be attached to all types of fabrics and textiles. The portable lamp weighs only 19 grams and is easy to attach to clothing, bags and other textile-covered surfaces. GelaLight also has a built-in magnet that attaches to magnetic surfaces.

    The combination of textile and magnetic attachment makes Gelalight a perfect lamp to use for outdoor activities, walks, work and excursions. You can use the lamp where it is needed most and can easily attach it to a hat, jacket, canvas, backpack, bag or a magnetic surface.

    Bright lamp that withstands rain

    GelaLight is rainproof and can be used indoors as well as on trips in nature. The bright light can shine with a strong white or red light that makes you see better, while increasing your visibility in the dark. The GelaLight has several modes and on the brightest mode the light shines with 350 lumens.

    Patented attachment leaves your hands free

    The Swedish-developed textile fastener has 5 super-small needles on the back that screw into the fabric. Once you have attached the GelaLight, it fits securely and is perfect for use as a headlamp on the run, a roof lamp in the tent or portable work lighting in dark spaces.

    How to attach GelaLight to textiles

    Press the back of the lamp against the fabric and turn the lever on the side. The small pins screw into the fabric and make sure the lamp is firmly attached. You can easily release the lamp by turning the lever on the side back.

    Magnetic mount

    Gelalight also has a built-in magnet on the back and can thus be attached to magnetic objects. Perfect when you need work lighting at the stuffing box, in the car and garage and in storage rooms where you might need some extra work lighting.

    Illuminates with cold white, warm white or red light

    The lamp has several light settings and can illuminate with 350 lumens in maximum mode. You select the light by either pressing short presses on the top of the lamp, or holding the button in for about 2 seconds.

    Short press

    1. Cold white light, low
    2. Warm white light, medium
    3. Cold white + warm white light, high

    Long press (about 2 seconds)

    1. Red light, on
    2. Red light, flashing
    3. White light, flashing

    Rechargeable lamp

    The rechargeable battery provides 3-17 hours of battery life depending on the setting. The battery is charged with the supplied USB-C cable in any USB port.

    Made in Sweden

    GelaLight from Gela is manufactured in Sweden. The patented LOOP fastener is developed by the Swedish company LumeoTech.

    In the package
    1 GelaLight lamp + USB-C charging cable

    Weight: 19 grams
    Diameter: 4 cm
    Height: 1,7 cm
    Model: GelaLight
    Fitting: LumeoLoop
    Battery life: 3-17 hours
    Charging cable: USB-A to USB-C
    Number of LEDs: 15 LED
    Light colours: cold white, warm white, cold white+warm white, red
    Radiation angle of light: 110 degrees
    Material: plastic and stainless steel
    Cold and heat resistant: yes
    Waterproof: yes, but should not be submerged under water.

    Please note
    Be careful when using on delicate textiles, as strong jerks in the lamp can damage delicate textiles. Watch your fingers when handling, the needles are sharp. GelaLight lamp contains a magnet. Store and use Gelalight at an authorized distance from medical devices, such as pacemakers. Should not be used by children under 12 years of age.

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    Diameter: 4 cm
    Height: 1,7 cm
    Quantity per pack: 1 GelaLight, 1 USB-C charging cable
    Weight: 0,019 kg

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