Electric spice grinder, Peugeot

Salt & pepper shakers with light
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Pepper grinder Graphite grey
Pepper grinder Graphite grey
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    • Quality mill from Peugeot
    • Electric motor, battery operated
    • Available as salt mill, pepper mill or set

    The Peugeot Alaska is an electric spice grinder for salt or pepper that is easy to use with one hand. The electric spice grinder is battery operated and is available as a salt grinder or a pepper grinder. You can also buy the spice grinders in a complete kit with both the salt and pepper grinder.

    Finishing the spice

    With the electric spice grinder, you can stir the pot with one hand while salting or peppering with the other. The high-quality grinding mechanism from Peugeot finely grinds the spice, which is useful both in cooking and when you want to top your food with a little salt or freshly ground black pepper.

    Easy to use

    When you press the stainless steel button at the top, the motor starts and the small light under the grinder comes on. The grinder grinds the spice as long as you hold the button in, and the small light makes it easier to see how much salt or pepper is falling into the pot or onto the plate.

    In the package

    The spice grinder comes with everything you need to start using it straight out of the box. Depending on the model you buy, it comes with milling salt or peppercorns. You will receive both salt and peppercorns if you buy the kit with both the salt & pepper grinder. The package also includes batteries for the spice grinder and an extra light bulb.

    Engine & millwork from Peugeot

    The spice mills' Peugeot motor and milling mechanism are of very high quality and have a lifetime guarantee when used correctly. The transparent spice compartment allows you to see how many peppercorns or salt grains are left in the grinder.

    Salt mill, pepper mill or both

    The Peugeot Alaska is available either as separate salt or pepper mills, or as a kit containing both a salt mill and a pepper mill. Choose between white and graphite grey mills.

    Peugeot Alaska Salt mill

    In the salt mill you can use dry rock salts suitable for salt mills, such as so-called "Rock Salt", or Himalayan salt. Do not use sea salts or dried sea salts. These salts have too high a moisture content and may cause rusting of the mill mechanism. The salt mill should also not be used with pepper or any other seasoning.

    Peugeot Alaska Pepper Mill

    For best results, Peugeot recommends using peppercorns that are no more than 6 mm in diameter. You can grind white peppercorns, black peppercorns and dried green peppercorns. Pink peppercorns can only be ground if they are part of a mixture with other peppercorns (maximum 15% pink peppercorns). The pepper mill can also be used to grind dried coriander seeds.

    Model: Peugeot Alaska
    Material: ABS plastic
    Batteries (included): 6 AAA batteries per grinder
    Height: 17 cmDiameter: 5.5 cm
    Weight pepper grinder including batteries: approx. 400 grams
    Weight salt grinder including batteries: approx. 350 grams
    Cleaning: wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Article nr: 13989
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 5,5
    Height: 17 cm
    Material: ABS-Plastic
    Other: The spice grinder is powered by 6 AAA batteries
    Colour: Graphite grey , White
    Weight: 0,5 kg , 0,97 kg

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