Measuring device for shoes and feet

Easy to find your shoe size
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    • Measures feet and the inside of shoes
    • Buy shoes that fit perfectly
    • 15 mm adjustment for growth included in the measurement

    This measuring device for feet and shoes makes it easy to figure out which shoes still fit. With this measuring device you can measure both feet and the interior of shoes, just like in the shoe store!

    With this measuring device you can easily find out if your children's shoes have become too small, or if a younger child can inherit an older child's shoes. This measuring device gives the exact measurement down to the millimetre, and is easy to read. A 15 mm adjustment for growth for children is already included in the measuring device's result.

    With the measuring device you can buy shoes for your children when they are not with you. Measure their feet at home and then keep the measuring device with you when you go to the shoe store so you can quickly find shoes for your child that fit perfectly.

    You can even use the measuring device on yourself or other adults. All you need to do is subtract the 15 mm adjustment for growth from the result you get from the guide.

    The measuring device is black.

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    Colour: Black
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