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Sending heartwarming greetings to loved ones
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    • An easy way to show appreciation and love
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    • Easy-to-use app

    Lovebox is a message box designed for loved ones. With the accompanying app, you can send messages with different themes and moving templates, take personalised photos and share a greeting with those who matter most. When a new message arrives, the heart on the box starts spinning as a reminder that it contains a new surprise. The recipient can then turn the heart to send a waterfall of hearts back into the app.

    Open up a world of loving communication

    Send everything from words of encouragement, loving reminders to inside jokes that only you understand. Lovebox is the box that encourages heartwarming communication.

    For all relationships

    Lovebox is perfect for the long-distance couple, the family living far apart, or just for friends and acquaintances who want to share daily joys. The Lovebox also makes a great corporate gift - a great way to share words of encouragement and strengthen relationships.

    How to do it

    To set up your Lovebox, start by plugging it into an electrical outlet. The Lovebox also requires a connection to a wireless network to receive messages. Therefore, navigate to Settings in your smartphone → Wi-Fi and then locate the device in the list of available networks and devices. Click on the device and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

    In the app it is possible to send and schedule messages, set reminders and view the message history. In the app, it is also possible to purchase premium subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis, giving you access to more templates. It is possible to pair the app with multiple message boxes simultaneously.


    Material: Wood, ABS plastic
    Weight: 690 g
    Width: 8.89 cm
    Length: 8.89 cm
    Height: 7.87 cm

    Please note that the Lovebox is corded. It is not possible to send or play audio.
  • Article nr: 14191
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 7.87 cm
    Length: 8.89 cm
    Material: ABS plastic , Wood
    Weight: 0.69 kg

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Message box Lovebox Message box Lovebox
Sending heartwarming greetings to loved ones
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