Innovator: Olle Mattsson
Olle Mattsson

Grappling Anchor

Makes anchoring in natural ports easier
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          • Provides a strong grip on the shore
          • Make it safer to go ashore
          • Easy to cast from a motor or sailing boat

          The Katten grappling anchor is an easy-to-use claw anchor that makes parking leisure boats in natural harbours easier and gives you a strong grip on the rocks and stones on the shore so you can go on land. The grappling anchor weighs only 250 grams and is easily thrown onto the shore even by unaccustomed and younger boaters.

          The grappling anchor makes it safer to go ashore with the mooring ropes from both sailing boats and motorboats in hand. It can be difficult to secure a foothold on land when waves, wind, rain and currents are moving the boat. But with the grappling anchor, you get a stable point on land and therefore more time to get a proper, safe foothold when you go ashore.

          Just throw the grappling anchor onto the shore and gently pull on the rope. The anchor's robust claws will lodge itself into the smallest of crevices, even where the rock appears to be smooth. A tiny bump can be all that's needed for it to get a grip on both small and large crevices in the rock.

          How to use the grappling anchor
          1. Tie a rope to the grappling anchor
          2. Firmly secure or hold the end of the rope
          3. Make sure the rope can move freely
          4. Throw the grappling anchor onto land
          5. Gently pull the rope towards you until the anchor hooks into a crevice and gets a grip
          6. When you have got a hold and the boat is stable, step ashore with your mooring ropes and moor the boat in the usual way.

          1. Avoid throwing towards people!
          2. Keep in mind that a rope that's under tension can shoot back if released.
          3. It's recommended to use a rope of approximately 10 metres. A rope that floats and doesn't get tangled is even better.

          The grappling anchor is delivered in three easy-to-assemble parts. The shaft is 21 cm long and the width between the hooks on the head is about 10.5 cm. The grappling anchor is made of rust-resistant (stainless) steel and is easy to store on the boat when you're not using it.

          About the KATTEN grappling anchor
          The Katten grappling anchor was developed by Olle Mattsson. During the 50 years in which he's sailed the Bohuslän coast, he has seen countless incidents and accidents when people have anchored in natural harbours. Slippery rocks, sharp barnacles, and boats that have started to drift away as one of the boaters has one foot on the shore and the other in the boat have caused countless sprains and broken bones.

          With the Katten grappling anchor, the boat is kept firmly in place while you safely find a foothold and then gently bring the boat in with the mooring ropes.

          The grappling anchor is not suitable for use as an ordinary anchor, nor should it be used for mooring. Use only to hook onto land.

        • Article nr: 13433
          Stock availability: 10
          Length: 21 cm
          Material: Rust-resistant stainless steel
          Width: 10,5 cm
          Weight: 0,25 kg
        • InnovatorOlle Mattsson

          –Back in the days when I was more flexible, jumping ashore did not pose a problem. These days however, I need the grappling anchor to safely make it into natural harbours. 

          Sailing enthusiast Olle Mattsson is the innovator behind the smart innovation that is the Grappling anchor. It facilitates the mooring process when entering natural harbours and removes the need for jumping ashore with the rope. 


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