Nut and oat milk bag

Strainer bag for homemade nut and oat drinks
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    • Fine-mesh strainer bag with drawstring
    • Reusable
    • For nut, coconut, seed and oat drinks

    The nut and oat milk bag is a super-thin strainer bag that makes it easy to make your own drink from, for example, nuts, seeds, coconut and oats. The fine-mesh bag catches really small particles and gives you a smooth nut milk to have in your coffee or drink as it is.

    The nut milk bag can be used when making all kinds of plant-based drinks. It works great for straining mixed nuts, seeds, coconut flakes and oats, or for separating pulp from juice. The strainer bag can also be used for making your own cheese.

    After pouring the liquid into the strainer bag, close the opening with the drawstring. You can now more easily squeeze and strain the liquid into a jug. The lumps stay in the filter bag and are easy to take care of after you have squeezed out all the liquid.

    How to make your own nut milk
    Blend nuts and water in a blender to chop them finely. Then strain the drink through the nut milk bag and squeeze out all the liquid. And you're all done!

    Oat drink needs no preparation and can be made in one go. Nuts and seeds do well when soaked overnight in a little lightly salted cold water. If you make coconut milk, let the coconut flakes stand for about 10-15 minutes in boiled water before mixing the drink.

    It's the amount of water that determines how thick the milk turns out. Use more water for a lighter drink and less water for a creamier drink. Feel free to test it out and see what tastes best.

    Make use of the leftovers
    Don't forget to make good use of leftovers in the nut milk bag. The leftovers can be used in baking batter, pizza bases, bread or for homemade muesli and much more.

    The reusable cow's milk bag is made of organic muslin cotton and can be washed in warm running water. Keep in mind that juice drinks can stain the bag.

    Size: 25 cm x 25 cm
    Material: Organic muslin cotton
  • Article nr: 13729
    Stock availability: 9
    Height: 25 cm
    Material: Organic muslin cotton
    Width: 25 cm

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Nut and oat milk bag Nut and oat milk bag
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