Laptop Table, Height Adjustable

Perfect for the home office
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    • Height easy to adjust
    • Easy for when you want to work while standing
    • Side shelf for the computer mouse

    With this adjustable laptop table, you can stand up to work at a normal desk, or turn the kitchen table into an ergonomic workplace. The laptop table is easy to raise and lower so that you have the computer at the height that suits you, regardless of whether you are sitting down or standing up to work.

    The laptop table has three joints that can be rotated 360 degrees. This means that you can angle the table in many different ways and adapt it to both your height and your workplace. The manual also provides some ready-made examples of how you can use the table.

    The laptop table holds a 15" laptop and also has small ventilation holes that help your computer to cool down. You also have a small side shelf that you can attach to the side of the stand and use as a mouse mat. Perfect if you stand up to work.

    The laptop table can also be used as a breakfast tray in bed, or as a book support when you sit reading on the sofa. If you want to stow it away, you can easily fold it up and store it flat.

    Each joint has a lock that you loosen by pressing the button. Press the button at a joint and release at the desired angle. Set the corresponding angle on the other side so the table is even and stands firmly. The joint is graduated, which makes it easier when you have to set the same angle on the other side.

    The laptop table is made of aluminium and weighs only 1.2 kg. Keep in mind that if you have the laptop table at maximum height, it can be a little unstable if you use a heavy computer. Tip! Fasten the legs together so it gives more stability to the laptop table.

    In the package:
    1x Laptop table
    1x Side plate for the computer mouse. (16 cm x 18 cm)
    1x Mounting screw for the side plate
    1x Manual (English)

    Max. work height 47 cm
    Width of work surface: 39.5 cm
    Depth of work surface: 25.5 cm
    Maximum load 15 kg

    The laptop table is CE and FCC marked.
  • Article nr: 13332
    Stock availability: 123
    Depth: 26 cm
    Height: 48 cm
    Material: Aluminium
    Width: 54 cm
    Weight: 1,2 kg

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Laptop Table, Height Adjustable Laptop Table, Height Adjustable
Perfect for the home office
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