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Rechargeable blender that crushes ice
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    • Portable smoothie blender
    • Crushes ice, seeds and nuts
    • Rechargeable battery

    Blendjet 2 is a portable blender with a rechargeable battery that is convenient to use at home, at work, at the gym, in the car, at the beach, on holiday or wherever you may be. With the blender you can mix smoothies, drinks, juices and shakes in no time and the powerful engine is also able to crush ice, frozen berries and fruits, nuts and seeds.

    The portable blender makes it easy to quickly blend delicious shakes, smoothies and drinks. The cup is marked with both ml and oz and there are endless tasty recipes you can make for different shakes that are suitable for breakfast, brunch, snacks and dessert.

    BlendJet 2 has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to take the blender with you anywhere in the world. It will be easy to mix together a useful and invigorating shake immediately after the workout and by setting the blender in the locked position, you can also drink directly from the blender.

    Powerful engine
    The patented TurboJet technology means that the blender crushes most things in 20 seconds. This includes ice cream, frozen berries and fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and much more. The stainless steel blade design creates a tornado effect that crushes the ingredients.

    The blender has three different modes, a blending mode, a pulse mode and a locked mode.

    Blending mode
    The blending mode is perfect for soft smoothies, shakes and other beverages.

    Press the power button once to start the shuffle mode. The blender mixes for 20 seconds. Press again to cancel the blending cycle early.

    Pulse mode
    With the pulse mode, the blender becomes an effective food processor that can crush tougher ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit and nuts. Perfect if you also want a slightly coarser texture when you make guacamole, pesto, salsa or hummus.

    Double-press the ON button to start the pulse mode. Blue lights flash from left to right 3 times before the entire button is illuminated. Press and hold the ON button repeatedly to pulse. The heart rate mode automatically shuts off after 3 seconds of inactivity.

    Locked mode
    The locked mode is good if you want to take your blender with you, drink directly from the cup or when you need to deep clean your blender. The locked position ensures that you can not inadvertently switch on the mixer.

    To set the locked position, hold down the ON button for about 5 seconds. The purple lights illuminate clockwise and when the entire button is lit and has flashed 3 times, the aperture is set to the locked position. To unlock, hold down the ON button for about 5 seconds. When the blue circle has flashed 3 times, your BlendJet is unlocked and ready to use again.

    BlendJet 2 is easy to clean immediately after use. Pour in some warm (not hot) water and a drop of washing up liquid. Mix for 20 seconds and then rinse out the blender and it's ready to use again.

    Charges quickly
    The blender is charged in about 1.5 hours with the included USB-C cable. A fully charged battery provides 15+ blends. The light ring around the ON button shows the battery status when charging. When a complete blue circle is formed, the battery is fully charged. If the circle is purple (instead of blue) when mixing or charging, it means that the battery will soon need to be charged. Just before the battery runs out, the circle flashes red and purple.

    The USB-C port is water resistant so you don't have to worry about getting liquid in the port.

    Tips on things to mix in a Blender
    Smoothies, juices, cocktails, coffee drinks, ice cream drinks, milk drinks, slushies, milkshakes, protein shakes, baby food, dipping sauces, dressings and other sauces.

    Before first use
    Charge your BlendJet 2 for about 1 hour or until the light ring shows a solid blue circle.
    Then clean the blender by mixing water and a drop of washing up liquid. Mix and rinse.

    About BlendJet
    When one of the co-founders of BlendJet suffered an injury, smoothies and shakes became an important part of his recovery process. After recovering from the injury, he decided to help others live a longer and healthier life. With BlendJet, the healthy choice should be the most comfortable choice.

    The BlendJet portable blender is designed in California. The innovative technology has led to 25 granted patents and in 2021, BlendJet 2 was awarded a prize in the Red Dot Design Award competition.

    Important to keep in mind
    Always add the liquid first, before adding solid ingredients.
    Always leave a small space at the top.
    Make sure that the arrows in the base and the container match.
    Never run the blender without anything in it.
    Clean immediately after each use to prevent food from drying out and sticking to the blade.
    BlendJet is water resistant, but you should never lower it completely below the water surface.
    BlendJet should not be washed in the dishwasher.

    Click here for more care advice and other important information->

    Weight: 0.6 kg
    Dimensions: 24 cm high, 8 cm in diameter, depth 8.5 cm, handle 8.5 cm.
    Volume: 475 ml
    Rechargeable battery: 4000 mAh.
    5V electric motor spins 275 times per second.
    6-point blade in stainless steel.
    Wrist strap.

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    Depth: 8.5 cm
    Diameter: 8 cm
    Height: 24 cm
    Weight: 0.6 kg

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