Innovator: Bengt Nordström and Niclas Grön

Portable Wax Stand

Portable wax stand for all cross-country skis
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    • Stays in place with high-friction rubber
    • Easy to carry with you
    • Made in Sweden

    Easywaxer is a Swedish-made and portable wax stand that makes it easy to wax your skis wherever you are. The wax stand takes up little space, is easy to take with you and does not need to be screwed to the table. All you need is a flat and debris-free surface to place the two wax plates on to turn them into an effective wax bench.

    The wax stand consists of two plates with high-friction rubber on both the underside and the top that provide a good grip on skis and surfaces. With the help of friction and pressure, the skis stay in place while you wax them and the more you work, the firmer the skis and the bench stand.

    When you wax, you can easily move the plates and adjust the distance between them according to your need. They work great to use when you brush, clean or wax the skis and work for both glide and grip wax.

    The wax stand can be used with all types of cross-country skis for both children and adults. It does not matter what type of binding the skis have.

    Developed in Sweden, manufactured in Örnsköldsvik
    The portable stand EASYwaxer was developed by Bengt Nordström and Niclas Grön.

    Every year, Bengt practices skiing both at home and in the mountains. A few years ago, Bengt constructed an early version of the wax stand, which consisted of two wooden blocks with friction rubber that held the skis and blocks in place. The early model worked well. The wooden blocks were easy to take with you and did not need to be screwed on to be used.

    Bengt saw potential in his prototype and brought in the skiing professional Niclas Grön as an expert to further develop the idea. Niclas and Bengt continued to work on the idea, and together they have created EASYwaxer with modern and durable materials.

    Storage and cleaning
    The wax stand is stored in the storage bag included, which can be carried like a backpack or gym bag. The friction material can be rinsed with water if necessary. In case of hard grime, you may want to use a little detergent or white spirit.

    Dimensions per plate: length 21 cm, width 18 cm, height 8.5 cm
    Weight: about 350 grams each
    Material: Composite and high-friction rubber

  • Article nr: 13713
    Stock availability: 7
    Height: 8.5 cm
    Length: 21 cm
    Quantity per pack: Wax stand, storage bag
    Width: 18 cm
    Weight: about 0.7 kg

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Bengt Nordström and Niclas Grön Bengt Nordström and Niclas Grön
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