Innovator: Christian Carlsson
Christian Carlsson

Ski shoulder-strap, pro

Swedish-developed carrying strap for all types of skis
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    • Durable, light and comfortable
    • Extra-long, adjustable shoulder strap
    • Suitable for all types of skis

    The Swedish-developed shoulder strap, Fero System ® Pro Series 4.0, is an extremely strong carrying strap for skis that is designed to be easy to take with you, while at the same time being made of the best materials to withstand really tough conditions.

    The shoulder strap is developed both for those who carry their skis between the lift and the cabin, and for the more experienced free riders who hike up the mountains with their skis on their backs. The strong rubber buckles that you fasten the skis with, have several attachment holes. This means that you can easily carry everything from junior skis to wider powder skis over your shoulder.

    The adjustable shoulder strap is extra long, over 1 metre, which means that off-piste skiers can also carry the skis over their backpack. The extra-light shoulder strap also has anti-slip material on the underside, which ensures that the skis do not slip off the shoulder.

    Along with the shoulder strap, you also get a microfibre storage bag. In the microfibre bag, you can store the shoulder strap and both rubber buckles. You can also use the bag to clean your ski goggles or sunglasses.

    Lars & Friends
    Fero System ® Pro Series 4.0 is designed by the Swedish company Lars & Friends. The company has roots in Falun and the founder Christian Carlsson developed the first prototype of the Fero System back in 1995.

    In 1995, the original product consisted of Velcro and nylon straps. Fero System ® Pro Series 4.0 is an upgraded version of the original, and is now made of the very best materials. Developed to withstand really tough conditions on the mountain, and for maximum comfort in the ski village.

    How to attach the shoulder strap to your skis
    The shoulder strap has an upper fastening loop that is attached to the wide shoulder portion. The lower fastening loop is located at the far end of one of the nylon straps. In the fastening straps, insert the rubber buckle and fasten them around the skis. Attach one rubber buckle above the binding, and the other strap below the binding.

    The other nylon strap, which hangs free, has a really solid handle at the end. The handle provides a good grip, even when you are wearing gloves, so that you can easily tighten and adjust the length of the shoulder strap, and so that the skis sit comfortably against the back.

    The shoulder strap is made of durable nylon with reinforced seams. The underside of the wider shoulder portion has an anti-slip coating in polypropylene.

    The rubber straps you fasten around the skis are made of durable, UV-resistant polyurethane. The buckle is made of hard nylon.

    Maximum length, shoulder strap plus nylon strap: 114 cm
    Shoulder strap width: 6.5 cm
    The rubber straps can be attached around a maximum of approx. 14 cm- wide skis

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    Quantity per pack: Fero System ® Pro Series 4.0 consists of a shoulder strap, two rubber straps and a microfibre bag
  • Innovator Christian Carlsson

    During the nineties, Christian laid the foundation for a shoulder strap that was received with open arms by the ski market. During the year of 2020 he further develops the product and starts to use his prototype in the slopes.

    -It was common for people to approach me and ask where I had bought it.

    Christian realizes that the demand is high, and that this is a product many skiers long for. Christian spends a lot of time on his prototypes, and it takes him 8 tries before he feels satisfied with the result.

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