Protective Bed Cover

Soft and comfortable protection in brushed cotton
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    • Protects your mattress
    • Soft and discreet
    • 100% waterproof

    Highly practical and definitively waterproof mattress protection for all ages. A softer and more comfortable alternative to a plastic towel or cover that people traditionally put in their beds to protect the mattress from liquids.

    This bed cover is 100% waterproof with consists of two layers of brushed cotton and a thin protective middle layer of polyurethane. The bed covers can be placed either under your sheets or on top of them. The cover is soft and doesn't rustle or crinkle as you move
  • Article nr: 12121
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    Length: 75cm/100cm/150cm/200cm
    Material: Brushed cotton with 100% waterproof polyurethane layer
    Other: Machine washable in 60 degrees
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Width: 50cm/75cm/100cm/150cm

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