Cracked Heel Socks

Helps to soften dry, cracked heels
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    • Activates the body's healing process
    • Cracks disappear and the skin becomes soft and smooth
    • Can be worn day and night

    These softening heel socks treat dry, cracked and hardened heels without the use of creams or moisturisers. The nylon socks are worn with the silicon part over the heel. The silicone helps the heel stay moist, which activates the skin's healing process. Regular use of these socks will make your heels smooth and soft again, and cracks will start to disappear on their own.

    The heel socks are comfortable and can be used both at night and during the day with another pair of socks worn over the top. It is recommended you wear the heal socks for a maximum of 12 hours at a time.

    The length of the healing process can vary as everyone's feet are different, but you should start to notice an improvement after just a few days. Some cracks will take several weeks to heal while others will take much less.

    The socks are hypoallergenic and made of nylon. The silicone part is made of 100% silicone, much like the fabric used to treat burns.

    The socks are come in two sizes.
    Size Medium (beige) fits up to a size 40.
    Size Large (black) fits a size 41 and over.

    Handwash the heal socks with soap and tepid water and dry flat.

    Note! Do not use the heal socks if you are allergic or sensitive to silicone or nylon, if you have very thin skin, or if you have sores on your feet or swollen feet.
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    Material: Nylon sock, 100% silicone heel protection
    Other: Hand wash recommended , Medium fits UK shoe sizes up to 7.5. Large fits UK sizes 8.5 and up
    Quantity per pack: 1 pair of socks

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